Flash Fiction: The Interview

Thank you sir, for agreeing to do this interview.

“That’s okay. Let’s get on with it.”

Sure, sir. Before beginning, any message for your fans?

“It’s just a medium I’m adding. I’ve always spoken to my fans through my paintings.”

Of course. They are definitely most expressive. What is the secret behind your unusually emotive paintings?

“It’s the water I use.”

Wow! Is it imported from a secret place?

“Imported? No. My tears give my paint their magic. Earlier, when I was a poor nobody, they were tears of sadness. Today, they are tears of joy and satisfaction…”

Word Count: 99


June 27: Flash Fiction Challenge

Three Line Tale: The Artist

He sat there everyday, against the wall that showcased his life’s work, his passion, his art.

He would smile back politely at the passers by who would shower him with praises and flowery words.

He smiled at how their actions failed to respect their words, as the number of paintings on the wall greatly outnumbered the money notes in his wallet…


Three Line Tales, Week 153

Blog Battle: Flower

Three Line Tale: Warpaint

Warpaint was in her very culture and she followed it just like her father did, and his father, and his father all the way to her ancestors who started the practice.

As she stepped on to the dark field of battle, her painted face glowed, striking fear into the hearts of her enemies.

She was a stellar warrior, her body was her weapon, and the dance floor was her battlefield, where she belonged, and strove to conquer.

Word Count: 77


Three Line Tales, Week 141

Word of the Day Challenge “Stellar”