Flash Fiction: Paper Boat

My little nephew Sage, was a bundle of fun.

Like most little kids, he was always on the lookout for new ways to have fun. A couple of days ago, I made him a paper boat, and his eyes widened as if it was the most wondrous thing he had seen. Today, he asked me for another paper boat. I promptly complied. He thanked me with a kiss on my cheek and rushed out with his friends. I could hear them going into the backyard screaming Red Sea at the top of their voices. My interest piqued, I got up and jogged behind the kids, asking them what they meant by Red Sea. They led me towards a small red puddle, on which my paper boat was floating. I realized instantly that it was a puddle of blood.

The smiles on the kids faces told me they knew that too…

Word Count: 150


Sunday Photo Fiction – February 10, 2019

Word of the Day Challenge: Blood

FOWC with Fandango — Pique

RDP- Sunday– SAGE

Flash Fiction: Paper Chits

Jon looked at the jar full of paper chits, as he trembled in his tiny shoes.

His father walked towards the jar and reached his arm to pick it up. It felt like eternity for Jon. Finally, the jar was open, and the paper chits tumbled out. The colourful chits were all sources of fear for Jon. He heard his father murmuring,

“What will it be today?”

Father picked up the chit and opened it. Jon gulped as his father read out the chit.

“Ten whacks with a rod. This will be fun!”

Jon cursed the coloured punishing paper chits…

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 11 Jan, 2019

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