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Flash Fiction: Return

Spider silk clung at the doors, over the windows, across everything she had left behind.

Everything was in its place, just as she had left it ten years ago. She listened hard for any presence. However, all she could hear was the sound of the wind howling. The weather was quickly taking a turn for the worse. If she did not leave quickly, there was a high probability that she would get trapped in the blizzard. But, how could she leave empty handed, after coming all the way here?

She took the stairs, walking towards her bedroom. That is where it had all started. It was supposed to be a simple summoning, bringing forth a small fairy to play along with. It had gone horribly wrong. The summoned entity had possessed her younger brother, and continued to do so to this very day. In ten years, the dark entity had wreaked havoc across the world, moving from place to place, raising minions and declaring wars.

She had stayed hidden, choosing to let the world burn, rather than kill her own brother, because the only way to defeat this entity was to kill the host. However, her conscience would not let her hide any longer.

She had decided that she would fight. And as she entered her bedroom, she found what she had come for: The weapon that would win her the coming battle.

Word Count: 233


First Line Friday: September 14th, 2018

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Twittering Tale: Smoke

The chains of society bound her, gave her no space.

The heavy chains of who she ought to be and how she ought to behave, made her choke. In her desperation, she turned to the black smoke. She knew it was toxic, and she knew it was evil.

However, it was an escape from her chains.

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #91

Photo Challenge #220

Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge “Smoke”


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Flash Fiction: Prayer

He hated it. It slowed him down. Worst of all, he had to depend on it.

He grew up in an orphanage. He learned that counting on anyone for help, was folly. Growing up in harsh times, he worked hard and came up in life. It was all him, no help and no dependence.

That swiftly changed after the accident. His left leg had to be amputated. The doctor recommended a prosthetic leg. For the very first time, he had to depend on something.

He prayed for independence. His prayer was answered.

Only his source of dependence was left behind.

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 6th July 2018

Flash Fiction: Hurt

It hurt so much.

It all started with so much pressure on me, pressure that crushed me from all sides.

The pressure molded me, built me up into what I am now, but at the heavy cost of my identity.

Then I was brought out into the light, rid of the darkness and pressure; but I found only momentary peace.

I was broken, cut, scratched and polished all over, inducing excruciating pain, and then it was done.

It hurts so much becoming a shining diamond.

Word Count: 85


Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge “Hurt”

Six Sentence Story “Polish”

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