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Flash Fiction: Bagpiper

“Well laddie, are you sure about this? It won’t be easy.”

The burly man was looking at me with doubtful eyes.

“Yes, sir. I’m sure.”

He nodded at me.

“Very well. Then I suggest…”

Before he could finish his sentence, I heard my friends running towards me.

“Hey Ian! Whatchya doing here? Let’s go to the guitar section.”

“You go on ahead, guys. I will join you in a bit.”

Darren looked at me suspiciously.

“Say Ian, are you interested in bagpipes?”

I nodded at him. My friends looked at each other for a second and then burst out laughing.

“You are such a loser, Ian. Everyone knows bagpipes is for old men. Guitars are the cool stuff. Let’s go guys!”

I watched as my friends turned around and went towards the guitar section of the exhibition. I looked up at the man, who had witnessed my interaction with my friends. I could feel tears welling up. The man smiled at me and ruffled my hair.

“Don’t listen to them, laddie. If you really want to learn bagpipes, do it. I will teach you. Do your best, and prove them wrong.”

I smiled back, at my new mentor.

Word Count: 198


Sunday Photo Fiction – Sept 9, 2018

Tale Weaver #187 – Doing Your Best – 6th September


Flash Fiction: Sunset Date

She loves the sunsets, the mountains, the clouds, the breeze caressing her face, all in all she loves the scenic appeal when on a date.

She she should find the ambience nothing less than perfect, with a set table, complete with a bottle of wine, glasses, and a cozy set up, which I know she will enjoy.

There she stands, soaking in the sunset, looking gorgeous in her pretty white dress that sways in the wind, and now all that remains, is one little push…

Word Count: 85


Three Line Tales Week 136

Flash Fiction: The Mist

It’s been quite some time now. David and Billy have still not returned. I hope they are fine.

The thunderstorm has left the house quite damaged. Even the door is no state to keep out any person, not that I can see any person out on the street. This wretched mist has been coming closer and closer ever since David and Billy left. It makes me feel cold, and afraid. Almost as if it holds within it some unspeakable horror.

The mist has moved rapidly, engulfing the neighbors’ houses. All that remains between my house and the ominous cloud is a rapidly decreasing patch of road. All my instincts are telling me to hide inside the cellar. That is not an option anymore. The thunderstorm has caused flooding to occur down there. The most I can do now, is pull the curtains, adding another pseudo-layer between me and the mist.

Last curtain left now….

Wait, is that a Giant Spider..?

Word Count: 160


FFfAW Challenge – 181st


This flash fiction draws inspiration from Stephen King’s The Mist….

Hope you like it! πŸ™‚

Happy reading! πŸ˜€


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Jodi McKinney. Thank you Jodi! πŸ™‚

Flash Fiction: Apartment Complex

I stood at the entrance gate of the apartment complex.

It was huge. I counted at least a hundred identical apartments. Gareth whistled and turned to me.

“Whoa! This is massive. I never knew societies could be like this.”

I smiled.

“So Mr. Gareth, does this suit your taste? Do you like it?”

“Well..it’s sort of nice. Which apartment do we get?”

I indicated with my index finger. I am sure Gareth could not tell which one it was.

“Apartment 1601.”

Gareth coughed.

“That’s a bit too high.”

I could not have Gareth backing out now.

“Come on. Identical houses, packed together, nice remote area. You know it is brilliant.”

“It is a fireman’s nightmare.”

I smiled.

“And an arsonist’s dream.”

Gareth smiled back.

“Okay, i’m in. You get the kerosene…”

Word Count: 131



Flash Fiction: Watcher

I had initially thought that the trek was a bad idea. I was reluctant to join in. However, my friends convinced me, and I am glad they did. They could not fathom my reluctance. They did not know that this place held bad memories for me.

I pushed those memories aside, and enjoyed the trek. As we we were departing, a fog settled in. Concealed in it, I could see a figure watching us. No, not us. It was watching me. She was watching me.

She lingered on, even after falling to her death, the last time I was here.

Word Count: 100


Thursday photo prompt: Watcher #writephoto

Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt: Departing

Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 16

Flash Fiction: The Shed in the Mirror

A mirror reflecting.Β Nothing abnormal. That is how mirrors work. Right?

Recently, I had come across a garage sale. An old man had put up the sale, it was not going well. No customers, and the lawn was filled with junk. I exited my car and decided to check it out. Among all the balderdash objects for sale I noticed a mirror priced at peanuts. It’s reflection showed the shed. A lady went inside it, followed by the old man, axe in hand.

“Please pay in the shed.”

I ran away before the old man could say or do anymore.

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 31st August, 2018

DAILY THREE-WORD PROMPT 1st September, 2018

BrewNSpew Cafe – August 27, 2018

Flash Fiction: The New Librarian

Check out the new librarian, man she looks good in those glasses and that skirt of hers, just can’t stop checking her out.

I totally agree with you, sire, andΒ  that perfume that she wears is so intoxicating, it pulls me towards her, floors me, and makes me fall for her.

Oye Classics! You better stow it, you do know that she is a few hundred years two young for you, right, but the getting floored idea is nice, since she will come over here to pick you up and put you back on bookshelf!

Word Count: 95


Three Line Tales, Week 135

Flash Fiction: Buster

I had always suspected something was different about Jai. And yesterday night, my suspicion was confirmed.

I had been feeling down for a week. My pet, Buster had disappeared. It had happened suddenly. One day Buster was at home and the next morning he was simply gone. I could find no trace of him. I frantically searched for him, visited the cops, put up fliers and even did some snooping of my own. However, I had no luck.

Everyone at school knew Buster had disappeared and all my friends had tried their best to cheer me up. It had not worked. However, Jai managed to make me smile yesterday evening, and we are acquaintances at best. He had come up to me and given me a figurine of dog and said that he hoped it would cheer me up. It indeed did, I was all smiles.

At night, I decided to name my new figurine Buster, and proclaimed it to the figurine.

I heard a bark in response. Coming from the figurine.

Word Count: 172


FFfAW Challenge – 180th

Flash Fiction: Lights in the Water

“Dad! Pick me up! I want to see.”

I looked at my daughter’s eager face. Her eyes were twinkling in anticipation of beholding the Lights in the Water. I picked her up and placed her on my shoulders. She let out a soft whoaaa. I don’t blame her. It was indeed a dazzling sight to gaze upon. Hundreds of lights floated in the water, bobbing up and down in the mild waves. My daughter tapped my head.

“What are the lights for?”

“Their purpose is to ward off spirits.”

“Dad, doesn’t that mean I can never go near those lights?”

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 24th August, 2018