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Flash Fiction: Ferry

“Dad, why is it so crowded today?”

The road to the ferry had jammed. Mr. Williams could not see the traffic clearing any time soon.

“Looks like everyone had the same idea your dad had.”

Joshua squealed in surprise.

“Wow! So many people suddenly decided to go on a vacation. It will be so much fun on the ferry. Usually it is all empty and boring. Do you think Paul will be there?”

Mr. Williams smiled at his little boy.

“Sure. Paul will be there.”


Joshua pumped his fist in the air. Mr. Williams patted Joshua on the head, and propped down the window. He pushed his body half outside, trying to see what was happening ahead. Joshua looked in the rear view mirror, and tugged at his father’s tee.

“Umm…Dad! Why are so many people walking slowly towards us. They look sick.”

Mr. Williams quickly looked behind. They were here. He got back into the car, and unlocked Joshua’s seatbelt.

“Okay, champ. We are going to get to the ferry on foot.”

Word Count: 175

Prompt: FFfAW Challenge – 178th

Flash Fiction: Field

It looked so pretty – the field.

White flowers adorned the lush green land. A soft breeze always blew in the field. The breeze carried the mellow and sweet scent of the flowers to surrounding areas. It had always been a place of wonder for all the travelers. The sight of the pristine snowy blooms rejuvenated the minds and souls of those weary of their wanderings. One would often see hares and other timid beings making their way into the field to seek refuge in it. It was a small patch of utopia.

Then the war came. And the white field no longer remained white. Red soon covered it.

Word Count: 108


Thursday photo prompt: Summer #writephoto

Flash Fiction: Disturbance

This is the Seventh part of this story!

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I enjoy it so much. No humans talking to each other, or on their phones. No honking, no blaring music, no bickering, no nothing. Just the sound of the running water, the humming of the breeze, and the chirping of birds around me. This is how I want to spend my days. Sitting alone alone in my stone garden, with not a soul around to cause any disturbance to my peace. My human statues provide all the company I would ever need. This is bliss. I never….!

Hey! Where did that gunshot come from? It narrowly missed me.

Ah..Perseus! You have come again, and now you have lost the element of surprise as well. You should have made that bullet count, my old nemesis!

(Find the sequel here: Flash Fiction: Ready)

Word Count: 125


FFfAW Challenge #177

Flash Fiction: Smoke

It was a cold winter’s night, and the smoky apparition craved dearly for a smoke.

Her gorgeous lifeless eyes fell upon a red neon sign reading: Tobacco Shop

Passing through the doors, she made her way right to the counter and placed her ruby earring on it.

“My good man, I would like a large packet of phantom cigarettes please and I am willing to exchange my earing for it.”

“We only serve the real deal here, my dear belated ma’am,” The old manager said.

“That is such a rude thing to say, spirits are the real deal too, you know,” Said the offended blue-eyed ghost.

“You can find those in the wine shop next to the apple orchard, ma’am,” The old man said conclusively.

(Phantom cigarettes are an Indian brand of candy cigarettes)



Word Count: 125


Six Sentence Story Word Prompt #15 

3 Things Challenge 6th August

Your Daily Word Prompt – Belated – August 6th, 2018

August Flash Fiction Draw

Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt: Forlorn


Flash Fiction: Sky

“Mom, I can’t avoid it any more. I can’t see any road forward.”

“Kid, that is life. Just like a basketball, your life bounces up and down. There are times when you can see nothing but darkness.”

“Darkness is all I can see, mom. Day in and day out.”

I sat with my face buried in my hands. It was dinner time and I was venting out my frustrations to my mother. I was not lying about the darkness. I spent my entire day working in The Factory. Almost all of us did. We, the surface dwellers had no other choice. As per the system created by the Sky-people, it was our only source of income. However, the darkness was not confined to the factory.

We lived in the lowest  foundations of the city. Miles and miles below where the privileged sky people lived. There was no greenery, no colour here. The very air was laced with darkness. We lived in areas where no sunlight reached, ever. In fact, I had never seen the sky. That was the dream I chased after every day. To live among the sky people, witnessing the vast and beautiful blue yonder that we had only heard of in legends and seen on the internet. My mom placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“Keep faith in your dreams, son.”

I looked upward at the concerned face of my mother.

“I did so, mom. It does not help. I just wish I could live among the sky-people.”

I clutched the ruby heart locket that hung around my neck.

“Be careful how you use those wishes, ruby hearts know what is in your heart.”

“It’s just a crystal.”

“Just remember be careful, whatever you believe.”

I got up from my seat.

“I wish I could live among the sky-people.”

There was a bright red flash, and lo! I found myself floating in the sky. However, the sky was not what I had expected. It was completely filled with clouds of smoke. This is not what we were told. All the legends were a lie. The ruby transported me back to my house. I turned to mom, my eyes were full of tears.

“I made the discovery that there is no up in this life. For the sky is the very source of darkness…”

Word Count: 390


Worth A Thousand Words #4

3TC 20th July 2018: Discovery, Lace, Basketball

Purpldragon’s Image Writing Prompt #239

5 Words Prompt 20/07/2018: Green, Upward, Factory, System, Avoid

Twittering Tale: Beach

It was a nice sunny day.
The entire community had come to enjoy at the beach. Kids, adults, and senior citizens, frolicked on the beautiful white sand. An abrupt commotion coming from the water interrupted the merrymaking. All the water had swiftly receded.

A disaster approached.

Character Count: 280

Written for Twittering Tales #92

Flash Fiction: Investigation

I was excited about my first Crime Scene Investigation game.

I walked up to the operator who smiled, checked my booking and led me to the setup. I could see a masked dummy sitting inside a cage. The operator asked me to wait while he fetched the game-book from the storeroom. After he left, I saw a car approach. A stern-faced man got out, walked towards me.

“Have you touched anything?”

Without letting me reply, he walked up to the dummy and unmasked it, revealing a real human face.

The man spoke on his phone.

“Located the missing operator….”

Word Count: 100

Written for Friday Fictioneers 13th July 2018

Flash Fiction: The Umbrella

Jilly and Jane hunched over, looking at something hiding in the bushes. Jane fished it out.

“Look Jilly! What a cool umbrella.”

The young girls looked at the umbrella with wide eyes, full of excitement.

“This looks so pretty. I love the blue colour. Let’s keep it.”

“Even I like it. See, the pattern is also so lovely. But, should we not take it? It does not belong to us.”

Jilly grabbed it from Jane’s hand.

“Finders-keepers, Jane. If you don’t want it, I’m going to keep it.”

Jilly stuck her tongue out at Jane. Jane could say nothing in response. Her mouth was wide open. Jilly was glowing along with the umbrella.


Not too far from the girls, a little blue man groggily got to his feet. He brushed the dust off himself and frantically started searching.

“Where is the doom bolt beacon gone? I hope no one activates it.”

Word Count: 151

Prompt: FFfAW #172FFfAW #172

Flash Fiction: Sketch

I woke up with a start. Panic began to set in as soon as I realized I was inside a glass room closed from all sides.

I could not remember how I reached here. As I looked around frantically, a plethora of thoughts was running in my mind. However, before I could compose myself, a thick gas began to fill the room. I tried screaming but no sound came out from my mouth. Very soon, I could not move my body even a bit. Captured in space, I heard an echoing voice.

“Good. Master will now sketch subject sixty.”

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge June 28

FFfTPP 2018 Week 26

FOWC with Fandango “Captured”

Word of the Day “Plethora”

Flash Fiction: Guitar Thief

My sleuthing had finally led me to the house of the thief.

I climbed the pipe and snuck in through the open window. I saw papers fallen everywhere. I spotted a small collection of musical instruments, probably stolen. Among them, I spotted my guitar. Before I could grab it, I heard footsteps coming up to the room. I quickly hid inside the wardrobe. Through the gap, I saw the thief walk in, pick the guitar and strum it in the most beautiful way. Kudos to him.

I realized that I did not want my guitar anymore. I wanted his autograph.

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 29th June 2018

FOWC with Fandango “Kudos”