Flash Fiction: Message

I need to fly fast. No time to waste. But which route do I take?

If I take the route through the hills, I will make it in another day. However, I might get caught in mean weather. My trimmed feathers will not be able to take the cold. I might die and then my mission would fail. I’ll rather take the path through the villages. It will take me an extra day, but I will make it for sure. The letter is most crucial though, I must not waste an extra day. But, what if I die? Left or right, left or right? Which one?

Ooo..those pigeons look pretty. I’m sure they would want some company.Right turn it is, then.

Hey ladies….

* * *

The Old King continued waiting for the crucial message sent by his allies. The pigeon should have been here a day ago.

Maybe, we should use Ravens instead?


Word Count: 152


FFfAW Challenge 173

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