Flash Fiction: Seaplane

It was their first time in a seaplane.

The Theeves excitedly looked out of the windows as they sped along the coastline. They ooohed and aaahed at the natural beauty of the views. It was turning out to be their best trip and getting the seaplane now looked like a brilliant idea. As they landed, Mr. Theeve turned to his wife.
“Well, wasn’t that fun?”
She smiled and nodded.
“Yes, darling. It was the best.”
Mr. Theeve kissed his wife.
“Now, we need to get rid of this plane, before they track us down and jail us for stealing it…”

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 2nd August 2019

Flash Fiction: Flight

“Brother, are you sure it is this one?”

“Of course! It says so on the ticket.”

“This looks like one of those budget flights, the kind that offers no services.”

“And what use are those services to you, brother?”

“They are of no use, but we should be on a better plane. This does not sit right with me.”

“Well, nothing we can do about it. This is the plane, which the company booked for us.”

“They are such cheapskates, never willing to spend on us.”

“You really should not complain so much, brother. We only need to be good at our job. The company will recognize us.”

“That recognition will come too late. I still wish they had put us on a nice flight, with a great food service.”

“And why is that?”

“That way, my last meal would be a good one!”


Word Count: 144

Written for FFfAW Challenge 168

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yarnspinnerr. Thank you Yarnspinnerr! 🙂