She Hides

She hides from him – his hungry eyes and itching hands.

She hides silently, waiting for him to come closer.

She hides, but the scars on her back and the bruises on her legs stand exposed

She hides with bated breath, listening closely to his approaching steps.

She hides, as he calls out to her in his sickening, singsong voice.

She hides the blade behind her back, right until the moment he is in range.

The knife plunges deep, penetrating into his shallow soul.

Now, she hides no more.

Word Count: 88


What do you see # 56 – 16 November 2020

Saturday Mix – Opposing Forces, 21 November 2020

Flash Fiction: Embrace

Do you remember me?

We used to come here in our youth. You, the merchant Prince, and I a mere farmer girl. Do you remember how you embraced me here, hidden from the eyes of the world?

I remember. I remember how you brought me here after your marriage to some Southern Princess was decided. You pinned me against this tree and impaled me there with your sword.

I remember how the woods embraced me after that. I became a part of them, a vengeful forest spirit. Now you come back here after so many years. Let me complete my vengeance.

Let me embrace you…

Word Count: 105


Reena’s Exploration Challenge #85

Flash Fiction: Revenge 3

This is the last part of the Old Witch’s Tale..

Here are the previous parts:

Part 1- Flash Fiction: Broken Fence

Part 2 – Flash Fiction: The Tree

Part 3 – Flash Fiction: Revenge 1

Part 4 – Flash Fiction: Revenge 2

Pete snuck up to the back entrance.

Pete hated the butcher for the public beating he had given Pete. Pete wanted vengeance. It was essential. He fetched a log from his bag, ignited it, and got ready to throw. The embers from the log found their way to his back. Pete instinctively let go of the log and dropped to the ground, dousing the fire. The log rolled into the bag, which contained a kerosene can. The explosion propelled the log forward with great force, lodging it into Pete’s waist.

The Witch’s revenge was now complete. Three trophies claimed.

Word Count: 99


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers #174

Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 14

FOWC with Fandango — Essential

Flash Fiction: Revenge 2

Find the prequels here:

Part 1- Flash Fiction: Broken Fence

Part 2 – Flash Fiction: The Tree

Part 3 – Flash Fiction: Revenge 1

It was sunset, Charlotte’s time to sneak out.

As per his habit, her father would come home drunk, lock her in her room and drink some more in the hall downstairs.

Charlotte would make her way down, go through the dark alleys, and meet up with her partners in crime, without her intoxicated father realizing she was missing.

This time though, she would not make it, as her footing slipped and she landed on picket fence.

Charlotte’s body lay skewered on the now bloody fence.

Only one remained now, and then the Witch’s revenge would be complete.

Word Count: 96


Six Sentence Story “Habit”

Friday Fictioneers 20th July, 2018

Flash Fiction: Revenge 1

This is the third part of this tale.

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Jon looked at the bottle of whiskey in adoration. It was a present from his partners in crime.

He took a swig. The amber liquid entered his body, warming up every part that it touched. Jon coughed. It was his first real drink. He took another swig. This time, the drink seemed to carry more weight inside his throat. In a gag reflex, he coughed, spraying drops of blood all over his sheet. Among the blood, he could see small wooden splinters. In an instant, Jon collapsed to the floor, clutching his throat.

The witch had claimed one. Two remained.

(To be continued)

Word Count: 100


Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge “Weight”

FoWC with Fandango “Present”


Image credit: Casadores by Carlos Torres