A to Z Challenge: Banshee

Welcome to the second story, mortals. Today, the story I, Dr. Skull tell you is about quite a lovely lass. I met her many years ago, and she hasn’t aged a day since our brief meeting. Not that I want to meet her again anytime soon…

Who is she?

I keep seeing her everywhere on the battlefield. What a ruinous place this is. Dead bodies litter the ground. I can’t even make out friends from foes over here. It is such a bloody mess. I need to get home now. My family is waiting for me. I can’t let the darkness take me. There she is again, the white lady.

Why is she here?

No. Can’t think about that now. Need to keep up the pressure on my wound. God, this blood won’t stop pouring out of me. Help me? Someone? Anyone? Even if it is you, lady in white. Help me.

What is she saying?

Doesn’t matter. I need to focus on keeping my eyes open. Even if I can’t walk anymore. As long as my eyes stay open, there is a chance someone will save me. She is coming closer. Yes, she will help me. Wait, her face… see it now, she is wailing, lamenting for me, as my eyes close…

(Word Count: 168)

So, dear mortal, would you like to meet this bonnie lass anytime soon?

Microfiction: Flowers at Grave

The little girl placed the flowers at the grave.

She held her mother’s hand and sobbed.

“Why did papa have to go? He was going to teach me cycling this week.”

Her mom consoled her.

“Don’t cry little one. God called him because he needed him. So, papa had to go.”

The little girl looked up at the cloudy sky.

“I wish God would send him back. I need him more than God.”

Mother held the girl close and began walking back to the car.

“We both do, child.”

As they left, the flowers placed by the little girl were not the only ones at the grave.

Fresh flowers began growing out of the soil…

Word Count: 115


TellTale Thursday 28th March 2019
#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya