Microfiction: Flaming Galleon

The Pirate crew cheered as their target burst into flames.

The Captain smiled to herself. The Black Blade Pirates had claimed yet another victim. Their tally now rested at twenty. She roared out to her crew in jubilation. It was now affirmed that no ship was good enough to stand against the might of The Black Blade. The legendary galleon stood as a burning testimony to that lofty statement. The Captain and the crew however, soon became silent. They could hear laughter coming from the Galleon’s deck.

That is all they heard before cannons open fired on the pirate crew…

Word Count: 100


The Aether Prompt: March 13th, 2019

Microfiction: Sinking

The sinking sailors smile at the sirens, smitten by their bewitching visages, unaware of the hungry plans the sirens have for fresh flesh.

The mermaids smile back at the sailors, unaware of the radioactive nature of the submarine’s doomed contents…

Word Count: 40


What Do You See? Weekly Challenge February 19, 2019