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Flash Fiction: Rescue

“Okay, are you sure about this? I know the act needs to be realistic, but using real fire is bound to be dangerous. I am not so sure.”

Dale clicked his tongue.

“See Karen, you are quite safe. The fire will be lit around you, at a safe distance. You won’t even feel the heat.”

Karen rolled her eyes, and continued studying the receipt.


“I seriously doubt that. Okay, I get what the diesel is for. What is the point of the coke?”

“Ah! Good question. In order to simulate the force of a water hose, we will shake the cans and spray the coke on the fire. That will extinguish the flames.

Karen raised an eyebrow.

“Umm..okay. And what is the mint for?”

Dale coughed.

“When the heroic fireman, that’s me, rescues the damsel in distress, that’s you, she shows him her appreciation. I wanted it to taste fresh.”

Karen let out at an exasperated scream.

“Okay, that’s it! Manager! I quit. There is no way I am going to be a part of this play.”

Word Count: 172


Fractured Faith Flash Fiction Challenge 3

Four Year Anniversary!!

Whoa!! It’s been four years since I created my blog! 😀 😀

I am re-posting the very first story I wrote on my blog. Since it was my first story, it’s really special to me. Back then, it was read by very few people. I hope it can get more reads this time! 🙂

Dear readers, as always would love to hear your thoughts on the story! ( It was my very first attempt. Pardon the writing!)

Happy reading! 🙂


(Word Count: 387)

Bitter. Was the thought that crossed her mind when she had finished tasting blood for the first time. She had always wondered how her kind had grown to like it. Up until very recently , she had been a vegetarian. Never had she tasted any thing that had come from an animal , living or dead. But now she was trying blood for the first time and becoming what her kind were best known for. She was finally becoming a part of her family. She had seen and learnt from observing her friends and family members that having blood was a real risky thing to do. The repercussions of being caught were severe. Agreed , the abilities of her kind allowed for a quick escape even if spotted but the chances of being killed in the process were always high. However, she still began to learn her kind’s blood religion.

As the days passed by, slowly and steadily, she quite grew to enjoy the flow of the warm liquid in her mouth. The taste of blood gave her satisfaction and much more. Now that she was to become a mother, her family made her drink  a much larger volume of blood. She had grown into a sort of expert. She had great eyes and could pick the least dangerous target out. But even though she was good, her bloodlust was driving her to take loads of risks.

One lonely night , she had searched long and hard for a prey but couldn’t find a soul in the otherwise crowded city. Finally, with her bloodlust reaching it’s peaks, she made her way to the city park next to the murky lake. As luck would have it, she spotted a man who was in his late sixties sitting alone on a park bench- an easy prey. Shrouded by the cover of night, she made her way stealthily towards the man from behind him with her eyes on his exposed neck. But, luck as we know is like a wheel, it turns. The moment when she was about to make her move the man turned and stared right into her eyes. Dispassionately he swung his hands back and brought them together with a clap. And that was it. She met with a sticky end.

After all, the life of a mosquito is pretty short.


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Flash Fiction: Disturbance

This is the Seventh part of this story!

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I enjoy it so much. No humans talking to each other, or on their phones. No honking, no blaring music, no bickering, no nothing. Just the sound of the running water, the humming of the breeze, and the chirping of birds around me. This is how I want to spend my days. Sitting alone alone in my stone garden, with not a soul around to cause any disturbance to my peace. My human statues provide all the company I would ever need. This is bliss. I never….!

Hey! Where did that gunshot come from? It narrowly missed me.

Ah..Perseus! You have come again, and now you have lost the element of surprise as well. You should have made that bullet count, my old nemesis!

(Find the sequel here: Flash Fiction: Ready)

Word Count: 125


FFfAW Challenge #177

Flash Fiction: Jump

Phew! I have worked in skyscrapers all my life, but one never quite gets used to the view they present. The small orbs of light, the moving glowing lights, buildings bathed in mild luminescence and the overall dazzling appearance of the city. It ever presents a sight to behold. And I am not one to ignore beauty, even though I may be admiring it from the ledge of a terrace.

Light shines all the more brightly, the denser the darkness, and it is one dark night. Not a star, nor the moon in sight. The night only emulates these truly dark times. Wars, commercial competition, and the ever increasing poverty gap, all helping to make this world all the more black. Sometimes, I feel that there is no hope for humanity and that we are walking towards an eternal night. Even though it presents a lovely sight, the cold truth is that the brighter the city appears, the darker the night it is. Our lives are just like this view I see before me. They can be dark, cold and pitch black. But, that just means we have an opportunity to make them shine all the more brighter. Hope is that ray of light that pierces through the black storm clouds, the despairs in our lives, the endearing sorrows. But, keeping hope for the future, my future, humanity’s future is no simple task. It takes courage.

It is courage that I have always sought, courage to push on when things seem bleak. In these times, liquid courage has helped me more than once. It keeps me going, the feel of the liquid slowly passing through my lips, lending its bitter smoothness to my tongue, caressing it as it passes into my cold, parched throat, warming it, before making its way into my hollow body, giving it a much needed stimulation. It kicks my mind into working conditions and I find the intrepidity that I require. Tonight, I find myself in need of a strong dose of liquid courage, and sure enough it is there with me right in my hand. It lies in its glass prison, waiting to be let out and bolster my courage.

The breeze is particularly pleasant tonight. I like how it teases my face as I stand on this ledge. It is a nice, deep plunge. Not a day has gone by in these last few weeks that I have not thought of this plunge. It would be an easy way out of the miseries this life holds. Maybe, death is the only true escape. This final gulp will leave only an empty bottle, the potent liquid having finally escaped from its black prison. How I long to be like this liquid. It is time now. I have to do it. I’ve wasted many a nights getting to this point. I cannot turn back now. I have to take the jump and jump I will, falling into the deep abyss I see below, the wind lashing at my body. I have to be the golden ray of light that will pierce through the dark.

J.A.R.V.I.S. , any time now.

Word Count: 522

Image Credit – Apoorva Gharpure

Flash Fiction: The Hunt Begins

This is the fifth part of this story!

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Perseus walked in front of agent Keynes and cadet Billy, emulating the silence of the forest they were in.

Keynes had managed to track Medusa’s location and had suggested a helicopter drop. Perseus had refused. The commotion would attract Medusa’s attention, making her alert. Instead, Perseus decided to drop into the forest that lay next to the neighborhood. This way, they would not lose the element of surprise, which was essential while hunting.

Billy whispered to Keynes.

“Sir, what’s the deal with him? He does not seem human.”

Keynes smiled dryly.

“Cadet, you are right. He is not a human, at least in part. He is a result of the Demigod Programme.”

Billy’s mouth hung open.

“The programme rumored to be so inhumane, that it had to be shut down?”

Keynes nodded.

“Correct. That programme took away half of his humanity. I fear he has lost the remaining part of it after all those missions. Seeing what he has seen and doing all that he has done, takes its toll.”

The trio had reached the end of the forest.

The hunt for Medusa had begun.

(Find the sequel here: Flash Fiction: Target Sighted)

Word Count: 185


Thursday Photo Prompt: Track #writephoto

FOWC with Fandango “Commotion”

Getting Published!!

I am stoked that Zombie Pirate Publishing accepted my short story: The Mayong Malice for their anthology: Phuket Tattoo.



I look forward to your feedback on my story! 🙂


Happy Reading! 🙂


Flash Fiction: Briefing

This is the fourth part of this story!

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Agent Keynes and Cadet Billy waited at the abandoned shed.

They looked at the man approaching them. The ghostly figure clad entirely in black walked slowly, his tailcoat fluttering in the wind.

“Sir, is this really the legendary Special Agent Perseus?”

Agent Keynes nodded.

“Don’t go on his looks Billy.”

Perseus stopped in front of Keynes.

“Keynes. I believe you have the gear.”

Keynes motioned to Billy, who removed the silver pistol hidden below the wood. He could barely hold it. Perseus snatched it with relative ease, eyed it expressionlessly, and holstered it.

“Time to take down Medusa, again.”

(Find the sequel here – Flash Fiction: The Hunt Begins)

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 3rd August 2018

FOWC with Fandango “Expression”

Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt 30/07/2018


PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


Flash Fiction: Signal Fire

“What’s with the smoke?”

Demothi ignored Hakan’s question and continued dancing. He appeared to be in some kind of trance. Hakan shook his head. This was getting out of hand. He needed to stop Demothi’s madness.

“Brother, you need to stop. This is not only dangerous, but also wasteful. You are destroying our forest.”

Demothi continued dancing, but vaguely replied to the question.

“To bring in something new, something archaic needs to be destroyed.”

Hakan knew what sort of destruction Demothi was talking about. The apricot trees would be emblazoned and the fields of hay would be turned into pyres. Everything would be reduced to ash. He had no personal beef with Demothi, but Hakan knew there was only one way to stop this. He picked up a stone from the ground and struck Demothi’s head. Hakan slung the unconscious Demothi over his shoulders. He had to carry him to safety before dealing with the fire. After placing Demothi down, Hakan went running towards the village, to summon aid.

It took a few hours and great efforts, but the fire finally piped down. When Demothi was questioned, he eagerly asked the villagers,

Have the aliens landed yet?

Word Count: 198



Another Wednesday Writing Prompt 1/08/2018

Sundayswhirligig: apricots, hay, appear, beef, stone, carry, shoulders, piped, sensors, running, archaic, everything

Flash Fiction: The Red Shoes

The couple walked into the shop, hand in hand.

They had picked the wrong time. It was my lunch hour and I had just dug into my meatloaf and soup. The manager shot me a look that said I would have to skip lunch. I kept my food aside and greeted them with a courteous bow. After seating them, I asked the couple what they were looking for. They could have been succinct about it, but the lady went on and on about this party they had to attend. The guy only intermittently repeated her words. Finally, they got to the point after fifteen minutes of droning. The lady wanted red shoes. I knew just the pair.

I went into the storeroom and brought out the red shoes. I watched as she tried them on and cooed at their impeccable fit. The couple paid in cash, and left with the shoes.

I was satisfied. I hated missing lunch. The commission made up for it in part.

The soul-stealing red shoes would complete my retribution.

Word Count: 175


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week 176

Three Things Challenge 31 July 2018

Word of the Day Challenge “Succinct”

Flash Fiction: Sea Gazing

I love beaches, and make it a point to take a sunset stroll everyday.

On my walks last week, I spotted a lady every day. She would sit at the same spot, leaving a trail of her footprints in the sand. She would just sit and gaze at the sea. In her eyes, I could spot a fierce longing.

Every day passed, and every day I saw her at the same spot. I would pass by wordlessly. However, yesterday my curiosity got the better of me. I walked up to her.

“The sea is beautiful isn’t it, miss?”

She answered without giving me a glance.

“It is. Don’t you feel that we are rather unfortunate?”

I could not fathom why she would have said that while taking in such a lovely view.

“Why unfortunate?”

“Because we were born with legs.”

She let out a long sigh. I nodded at her and continued on my way.


Today, when I walked up to the same spot, I did not see her there. However, I did spot footsteps in the sand.

Footsteps that transformed into a single line in the sand, which disappeared into the sea…

Word Count: 193



Daily Addictions “Fortunate”