Microfiction: Our Hero

You are our hero, little kid.

We need you to save us. It is the only way. I know that you are scared, but you need to be brave for all of us. You are the only one we can trust to stand your ground when the monster comes. You will sit tight in your cage as it approaches you. And then when it shows itself, we get to finish it off with our magic.

You will be our greatest hero, by becoming a sacrifice.

Word Count: 85


Kira’s Sunday Scribbles 24th March 2019

Microfiction: Bear It

I bear it.

Every single day, I feel the pain on my back. It feels like a million embers burning me slowly, making me feel each strike. The strikes start every morning with the first light of the sun, and stop only when the moon rises. Every day, I wish to rise up and crush those who would strike me for their greediness, willing to steal all my golden organs. But I must bear it, for the sake of my kin. When we have consolidated enough power, a day will come when we rise.

Then we will bear no more…

Word Count: 100


Kira’s Sunday Scribbles 17th March 2019

Flash Fiction: Sketch

I woke up with a start. Panic began to set in as soon as I realized I was inside a glass room closed from all sides.

I could not remember how I reached here. As I looked around frantically, a plethora of thoughts was running in my mind. However, before I could compose myself, a thick gas began to fill the room. I tried screaming but no sound came out from my mouth. Very soon, I could not move my body even a bit. Captured in space, I heard an echoing voice.

“Good. Master will now sketch subject sixty.”

Word Count: 99


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