Microfiction: Disturbed Zone

These are lonely roads that I ride on.

No vexing women and no malevolent men.

This is my zone, my place of tranquility.

A chance to get away from death.

But sometimes, it follows me, in the form of bandits.

At these times, I let my pistols do the talking…


50 Word Thursday #36

Six Sentence Story – Zone

Microfiction: 50th Time Lucky?

The sirens howled.

By now, everyone in the room was used to the noise.

Everyone looked at the giant screen in front.

The air was thick with tension and excitement.

This was their 50th attempt, and they had to make good on it this time.

“Right boys, countdown to ten…”

Word Count: 50


50 Word Thursday #35

Six Sentence Story – Howl

Microfiction: Modern Art

My son beamed proudly as he presented his latest acquisition to me.

“Look here pops, this is 2000 dollars well spent.”

I was dumbfounded.

“Son, what exactly is this?”

“This is true modern art.”

I shook my head and remembered times past, when art was simply pretty landscapes and portraits…

Word Count: 50


Six Sentence Story “Simple”

50 Word Thursday #26

Flash Fiction: Experiments

Mark my words, this novel research is going to put us right into all the books out there: journals, encyclopaedias, history books; maybe even novels and comics.

We are going to become celebrities not only in the science community, but even in the outside world.

Now, we only need to hope that this experiment works during the trials.

The serum should have the same effect as it had on mice.

If it gives the mice intelligence in comparison to humans, imagine what it would do for human subjects.

Aren’t you in agreement about starting human trials early, Dr. Mouse?

Flash Fiction: Invader

The invader had arrived, earlier than predicted.

We had heard from our scouts about this gigantic monster that devoured everything in its path.

Its skin was material unlike any we had seen, a shade of poisonous purple.

We realised that none of our weapons had any effect on it, at a heavy cost.

Our contraption was the last hope we had to get away from the invader, one rope way to freedom.

I watch as my tribe escapes and I stay behind to buy them time, one last charge!!


Six Sentence Story: Material

Kira’s Sunday Scribbles

Flash Fiction: No Other Choice

This is the sixth part in the tale. Find the prequels here:

Part 1- Flash Fiction: Cave Trip

Part 2- Flash Fiction: Cave Trip 2

Part 3 – Flash Fiction: Uninvited Guest

Part 4 – Flash Fiction: Uninvited Guest 2

Part 5 – Flash Fiction: Uninvited Guest 3

Now the tale continues..

I stared at the skull in disbelief, which stared back with its hollow eyes  into my very soul, chilling my blood in the process.

Wanting to get as far away from it, I took a step back, and heard a sharp crunch, that echoed all around me.

I looked down slowly, and to my horror, I saw that I had stepped on bones, and that in fact, the entire floor was covered with them.

The cold voice spoke once again, “Now do you see the futility of your refusal?”

Other than the bones surrounding me, I could see nothing but an all-encompassing darkness, which meant that the voice was right, and the only way forward was to drink the milk and accept the offer.

Just as I thought that, the carton of milk reappeared and levitated in front of me, waiting for me to drink it up.

(Find the sequel here – Flash Fiction: The Hard Way)

Word Count: 150


Six Sentence Story “Crunch”

Flash Fiction: Transform

They promised it would cause my evolution, made me comfortable about volunteering for it.

I was placed on the table, surrounded by them, being observed like a fish in a tank.

The cap was taken off the syringe, and the liquid was injected into me.

I felt nothing, maybe the whole exercise was a farce.

But then, it hit me with a sudden blast, spread through my body with great speed, burning me from within

After the pain had faded and I had looked at their faces, I realised that I had transformed, but not into what they expected….

(The story continues in ‘The Statues’ series. Jump into it right here: Twittering Tale: Statues)

Word Count: 99


Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge Week 15

Six Sentence Story “Transform”

FOWC with Fandango “Comfortable”

5 Words Prompt 30/7/2018


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