Three Line Tale: Standstill

Monday mornings are already the worst, and when you get stuck in the traffic on your way to work, the rage goes one step beyond.

The traffic was at a standstill and I like all the other irate, curious commuters, put my head outside the window and deciphered the source : The lady in yellow.

Gorgeous enough from head to toe, the actress had brought cars to a standstill, not for any shoot or event, but only for her vanity walk; Curses!!!


Three Line Tales, Week 177

Microfiction: Handstand

“This is not working out.”

You have to give it time, it will work out.

“No! I’ve given it enough time. I want to end it.”

You can take a break.

“Not a break. I want a complete stop.”

Okay sure, babe. I only wanted the best for you.

“There was nothing remotely good about it.”

Come on! The handstand increases blood flow to the brain, and lets you think clearly.

“That’s exactly what happened. I’m breaking up with you…”

Word Count: 80


Photo Challenge #252

Flash Fiction: Last Stand

The moon is still dark, it’s going to be a tough battle. It might just be our last stand.

My men are not in their best state. I don’t blame them, we have been fighting battles for the last week, without respite, losing them all. We have seen our brothers decimated right before our eyes by the horrors that approach us now. The castle behind us is our last stronghold, and this bridge is our last line of defence. I see my men taking cover behind sandbags.

The foul beasts have advanced far enough. Fight Men, to our last breath…

Word Count: 100


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