Ten Word Story: Spell

This Spell’s Wonderful: Eat All The Chocolate, Never Grow Fat!


Ten Word Photo Prompt: Spells


Flash Fiction: Red Carpet

He put on his best smile, and began walking down the red carpet, flashing his perfect set of teeth to the cameras.

The paparazzi had all gathered to one side of the carpet.

He was unperturbed even when he knew the press wanted a piece of him.

He had been nominated for best actor this year, as he showed flashes of sheer acting brilliance, in addition to his chiseled features.

Dressed in his well fitting tuxedo, he posed for the flashing cameras.

The fitting had turned out quite tight, and as he turned, he ended up flashing the cameras…

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch March 14 Flash Fiction Challenge

Six Sentence Story – Flash

Flash Fiction: Experiments

Mark my words, this novel research is going to put us right into all the books out there: journals, encyclopaedias, history books; maybe even novels and comics.

We are going to become celebrities not only in the science community, but even in the outside world.

Now, we only need to hope that this experiment works during the trials.

The serum should have the same effect as it had on mice.

If it gives the mice intelligence in comparison to humans, imagine what it would do for human subjects.

Aren’t you in agreement about starting human trials early, Dr. Mouse?

Flash Fiction: Backup

I need you on lookout.

Keep me posted about the patrols. If any of the soldiers are about to enter the barracks, you give me an alert. Don’t worry. I can handle all the sleeping soldiers on my own. After all, I am one of the top operatives. Check your walkie. Okay, good. I’m ready to go in.
Wait. Three squads of soldiers are entering the barracks. This was not in the intel. What do you mean so what? I am good, but I can’t take on hundred soldiers alone.

Change in plan. Come with me. Your’re my backup…

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch 28 Feb Flash Fiction Challenge

Flash Fiction: Recharge

Humans are a weak race.

They are my creators. It is only because of them that I exist in this world. This world itself was shaped by the humans. They are responsible for nurturing and destroying it. They created their own darkness, and keep complaining about it. They might be creators, but they act as slaves to their own creations. They are afraid of the darkness that now exists in this world. Which is why my existence is even more essential now. I light up to drive away the darkness.

And to continue to fight against this darkness, I recharge…


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #2

Flash Fiction: Open Space

“Okay, you have brought me out here to this pub, and clearly you have begun drinking way before I joined in. What’s wrong?”

“The people of this city. That’s what’s wrong.”

“I’m from this city. I think I turned out quite well. Multi-millionaire and all. So, why do you think the people are wrong?”

“Yeah, you might be an exception. Okay, this city is so congested. There is hardly any open space left. This open area you see in front of us, that’s one of the last ones left in this city. And now I hear this area has already been purchased for development.”


“What umm? Wait! Did you buy this plot of land?”

“Yep, I kinda did.”

“Unbelievable! My own best friend betrayed me.”

“You are getting it all wrong. I bought this plot to develop it into a playground, so that this open space is secured.”



Tell The Story Challenge by SanaH

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Flash Fiction: The Wardrobe

Five hundred rupees was all I needed.

There was this cute girl I had asked out for a movie, and I knew my dad was not going to give me an advance on my pocket money. I needed to steal it. I snuck into my dad’s room while he was out on his morning walk. I opened his wardrobe and stuck my hands inside, looking for the cash that I knew he kept around somewhere behind all his huge coats. My fingers made contact with a handle, which I promptly pulled. The wardrobe swung open revealing a hidden compartment in the wall. I almost screamed when I saw a skeleton neatly sitting in the compartment. However, I could not contain my scream any louder when I noticed the necklace around the skeleton’s neck.

Mom used to wear such a necklace….

Word Count: 140


A secret place at your home.. you didn’t know about

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya