sunday photo fiction

Microfiction: Splash

This is the fifth case this fortnight.

I cannot brush this aside as a simple coincidence. Five unrelated people have reported seeing a car going over the side of the bridge, and splashing into the water. They even reported seeing the same car, right down to the colour and the make. I need to know more about this. Even the Chief brushed it aside adamantly.

It’s time I stake out the bridge…

Word Count: 72


Sunday Photo Fiction April 7 2019
Photo Credit: C.E. Ayr

Flash Fiction: Holiday Season

It was holiday season, and I was back at my forest cottage.

I saw my neighbour, old man Nelson chopping up wood. I greeted him.

“Hey Mr. Nelson! Good to see you again.”

In his typical style, he grunted at me.

“Why do you continue chopping up the firewood, even now? There are better options available. You can switch to electric heating.”

He wiped the beads of sweat off from his forehead and gruffly replied.

“You kids of today won’t understand.”

I smiled at him.

“Come on, Mr. Nelson. I’m sur I will understand if you tell me.”

Old man Nelson rested his arms on the axe.

“Look kid, I believe in giving every guest that visits my lodge an authentic experience. A fireplace is a part of that experience.”

I nodded at while smiling to myself. I guessed that the bad food and the lack of services were also a part of cheap lodging experience…

Word Count: 156


Sunday Photo Fiction 17 February, 2019

Flash Fiction: We Rise

There it looms in the distance, the sprawling human city.

The air tastes denser, smokier than the last time. These pathetic maggots have infested the land. Their vile presence has corrupted terra and their corruption is spreading to my waters, bringing death and pestilence along with it. Their reign needs to end. Last time, we reached a compromise when their king promised not to touch my waters. With time, that promise faded away.

Now, we rise to right their wrongs…

Word Count: 80


Sunday Photo Fiction January 13, 2018

Flash Fiction: Trash

This was it, the last hope for me.

I plod towards the trash can, the only thing could save me from starvation. I could not recall the last time I had eaten a proper meal, which for me was half a sandwich. I opened the lid in hungry anticipation, only to find it completely empty. The garbage truck had come and gone before time.

Dejected, I looked around. My eyes met with a kid’s eyes. He was staring at me. In his left hand, he clutched a rather large lollipop. He saw me looking at it, and held it out towards me. He smiled at me as I shuffled towards him. I reached out my arm to take the lollipop. He promptly pulled back his hand and stuck the lollipop in his mouth. I could only watch as he finished the lollipop making sure I knew how much he was enjoying the lollipop. After he was done, he stuck out a purple tongue at me and turned around.

The lollipop looked tasty, but as my tummy grumbled, the kid began looking tastier…

Word Count: 182


Sunday Photo Fiction: January 6th, 2018

Flash Fiction: The Rum

They had made it to the fabled town.

It had been a long voyage, full of poisonous perils and menacing monsters. The captain was happy with his crew. They had performed admirably under dire conditions. It was now time to partake in the town’s hospitality and fill their bellies with warm food.

The ship made port. It was the first time in months, that their legs had made contact with solid ground. The entire crew rushed towards The Amber Ocean. The Captain ordered a round of rum for all the mates. After all, it was the legend of this very rum that had brought the crew here.

One sip was all it took to realise it was just brilliant marketing.

Word Count: 120


Sunday Photo Fiction, December 16, 2018

Weekend Writing Prompt #85

Flash Fiction: Little Lighthouse

Little Ben surveyed the ocean from his very own lighthouse.

Ben’s father, a Captain in the Imperial Navy would spend months away on the seas. Ben had inherited his father’s love for the deep blue. Upon this realization, father built a little lighthouse for little Ben.

Ben would spend all his spare time in the lighthouse, keeping a weather eye trained at the ocean. He kept a tab on the vessels that arrived and left port. Ben’s keen vision helped in saving the town from catastrophe during The Great Festival.

Ben was the first to spot the approaching Jolly Rogers…

Word Count: 100


Sunday Photo Fiction Dec. 2, 2018

Flash Fiction: News

I can’t believe it.

No, not the fact that Nessie exists. I never doubted that part. I just can’t believe that the newspaper would make such a big deal out of it. A full page headline, really?

I must admit it was a real smart move. It draws the attention of readers and is going to boost their sales figures for sure. Well, we can’t lose to the competition. I think I am going to call marketing right now.

We need to get the story on that idiot trying to prove the existence of Global Warming. That ought to sell…

Word Count: 100


Sunday Photo Fiction November 25, 2018

Flash Fiction: Eye Candy

I thought I could work this, but this is turning out to be a nightmare.

“Not like that doll, why don’t you deliver the dialogue just as we rehearsed?”

She smiles and nods, just like she did after the previous twenty failed takes. Come to think of it, it is that smile that made me select her over all the other potential leads  for my project. She’s absolutely stunning, a real eye candy. However, I hope I did not make a mistake in thinking that she’ll pick up on the acting bit. She got the pose part down to the t. The dialogue bit..oh well.

“Doll, let’s go through the order of the steps in the scene, again. So that you can get the flow right. First you pose, that’s perfect. Now, we just need to blend that pose with the dialogue.”

She looks at me clueless. I sigh. All she has to do is read it from the teleprompter. The scenery is perfect, she is looking perfect.

I guess I could hire someone to dub the dialogues. Sigh…..


Sunday Photo Fiction – November 4, 2018

Weekly Writing Challenge #166

Flash Fiction: Training

My sister stood behind me, placing her hands on my shoulders.

“Little brother, pay attention to what I teach you. We need you to be ready for when Jack-O-Lantern comes, this Halloween. We are counting on you.”

I nodded. My sister stepped back and continued.

“We will continue from where we left off yesterday. Now you know how to knock an arrow on the bow. You also know how to shoot. Today, we will learn how to aim. Remember, out there we have to learn to make every arrow count and prioritize our targets.”

I drew my bow.

“Good. Now, I want you to aim at those pumpkin heads. Make sure you fire slightly above where you intend to hit. Now, shoot.”


My arrow hit clown pumpkin right in the center…

(Read more about this family and their war against Jack-O-Lantern here – FLASH FICTION: PUMPKINS )

Word Count: 135


Sunday Photo Fiction – October 28, 2018

Weekend Writing Prompt #78 – Arrow

FOWC with Fandango — Prioritize


Flash Fiction: Lifetime

Old man Bob and granny Ginnie were sitting in their front garden.

The old couple clinked their glasses of chilled beer.

“Bob, this is bliss. Good wheat beer, a lovely breeze, and nothing to do but sit and enjoy the setting sun in each others company.”

Bob laughed.

“I agree, Ginnie. This is life at its very best.”

“That it is, darling.”

Bob and Ginnie took a long sip of the beer, draining their glasses.

“Ginnie, I have spent my life with you and spent it well. I would have no regrets even if I died right now.”

“I feel the same, Bob.”

At the very next moment, the heavy branch hanging over the couple snapped, falling on their heads with a sick thud…

Word Count: 124

Prompt: Sunday Photo Fiction October 21