Here are the fantastic entries from  last week’s challenge themed ‘Explosion‘:

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This week we had another brilliant roundup, with a nice mixup including lovely poetry, nail biting action and some spicy erotica… All lovely reads! 🙂


Now, on to this week’s prompt….



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Happy reading, and happy writing! 🙂


Ten Word Story: Escape

“Guards Searched, But Thief Had Escaped With Jewels…. And Dinner!”


Written for Isa-Lee Wolf’s Ten Word Photo Prompt “Escape”


Image Credit – R. Michelson Galleries


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Ten Word Story: Snowman

Make Complete Use Of Time. Seasons Change, Things Melt Away…

Written for Daily Inkling

The prompt was as follows:
On a snow day, you discover an advice-giving snowman. It gives good instruction, but is only capable of speaking a maximum of ten words. What words of wisdom does it give?

This was a real fun prompt!

Hope you enjoyed the take on it! 🙂