Flash Fiction: Cave Trip 2

This is the second part in the tale:

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Flash Fiction: Cave Trip

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After discovering the skeleton, I decided to explore further.

I drew my Glock out of my pocket. After all, prevention is better than cure. I trained the flashlight’s beam in front of me, keeping my gun ready in the other hand. After walking for another five minutes in silence, I saw a wall in front of me. On the wall, was the drawing of a man stuck inside a vortex. The man was a protrusion in the wall. As soon as I touched it, the wall parted away.

It revealed a pathway bordered by white pillars….

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Word Count: 97


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Weekend Writing Prompt #73 – Vortex

Flash Fiction: Cave Trip

I walked cautiously, clutching my flashlight, which served as the only source of light here.

The sound of my footsteps echoed across the walls of the dark cave, giving me the feeling that there was someone else inside, but I knew I was alone here, atleast I hoped so.

That is the reason I came on this trip, to explore the unexplored all by myself, hoping to make a discovery, something exciting like a treasure, or at least cave markings at the very least.

This uncharted cave served as the perfect location, being shrouded in mystery and reeking of a dark aura.

My heart stopped for a second when I spotted the skeleton remains – finally a discovery, albeit one which showed clear signs of recent burning.

However, the flesh had been picked clean off the bones, which indicated that the Glock resting in my pocket may see use very soon…

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Word Count: 150


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