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Flash Fiction: The Game

Dr. Villain rubbed his hands in glee.

“Now Agent Sammy, you have to face me. You will have to defeat me if you want to recover the stolen antique.”

Sammy narrowed his eyes at his wise and wily nemesis.

“Very well, Dr. Villain. We shall duel.”

Dr. Villain laughed loudly.

“It all comes down to this game of death. Whether your antique is melted by my heat ray, or whether you take it back, all of it depends on this game.”

Sammy looked at the game set by his nemesis. He could see a red O drawn. Dr. Villain had started the game well. Sweat dripped from Sammy’s brow as he considered his options. He drew a large X right next to the O. Dr. Evil was savoring the pressure Sammy was under.

Finally, after a few minutes of the intense game, Dr. Evil began cackling.

“You lose, Agent Sammy.”

Before Sammy could reply, both of them heard a loud sound.

“Boys! Dinner is ready.”


Dad ruffled little Sammy’s hair.

“Next time, kiddo.”

Word Count: 173


FFFAW Challenge #175

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge July 24, 2018

FOWC with Fandango “Wise”

Word of the Day Challenge “Anti-“


Image credit: Yarnspinnerr