Twittering Tale: Lone Wolf

I saw him looking at me.

Petrified with fear, I stood rooted in spot. The black wolf took slow steps towards me.
As he neared, i could see his eyes and once I had seem them, all fear began left my body. I had seen those eyes before. They held dark loneliness inside.

Like my eyes…

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #113 – 4 December 2018


Twittering Tale: Last Walk

Their bags packed, they began their journey.

Holding each other’s hands, they walked down the cobbled streets, reliving memories. They had always imagined what life would have been like had they met as children. Not having much time left, they went on a long walk.

One last time…

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #112, 27 Nov, 2018

Twittering Tale: Experiment

Rise and shine!
Time to check how my successful experiment is doing. Ah! There she is. Good morning Dolly.
Why are there so many Dolly clones here? We had only tested it once yesterday.
Is that Dolly using the cloning machine?

Uh Oh! This can’t be good for us.

(Read more about Dolly the cloned sheep here)

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #110 – 13 November 2018


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Twittering Tale: Exist

She walked through the crowded street, unnoticed by passers by. She walked on, among the crowd, wondering if it made any difference whether she was alive or dead in this crowd? Did these people exist for each other? Or were they all wandering wraiths like her?

Cursed to live on…

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #108

Twittering Tale: Shoes

There it is, another pair up on you, my dear tree.

Please continue carrying the burden of my shoes for a little while longer. I promise it won’t be long now. These torn shoes are proof of my training and serve to remind me of the pains I have taken.

I will be a gold medalist soon!

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales 103 – 25 September 2018

Twittering Tale: House

Look darling, the house is finally ours.

That’s lovely. Did it cost much?

Not at all. Just my values, integrity, soul, sweat and blood.


Character Count: 140

(Yes. 140!! Kat challenged us to weave a tale in the original twitter limit of 140 characters. I must say it is quite a challenge!)

Congrats on completing a century!! 🙂


Twittering Tales #100