Twittering Tale: Lone Wolf

I saw him looking at me.

Petrified with fear, I stood rooted in spot. The black wolf took slow steps towards me.
As he neared, i could see his eyes and once I had seem them, all fear began left my body. I had seen those eyes before. They held dark loneliness inside.

Like my eyes…

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #113 – 4 December 2018

Twittering Tale: Tarot

His gun pointed at her, he emphatically asked her to predict her future.

She tossed the cards. The fool it was. He sniggered. At least her reading skills were true. He pulled the trigger. The gun exploded, sending the bullet through his head.

She smiled. He was the fool, not her.

Character Count: 278


Twittering Tales #90

Word of the Day “Emphatically”

Twittering Tales: Egg

As it landed, the meteor created a huge shockwave, which leveled an entire town.

The military was dispatched to investigate and help in the rescue of civilians. They disappeared soon after. Their last message:


“The meteor seems like some kind of egg, and it is cracking open…”

Character Count: 278

Prompt: Twittering Tales #89

Twittering Tales: Dreamcatcher

This one is doing its job perfectly. It captures all the dreams – good and bad.

It has served me well all these years and was the only reason I can sleep tight at night. Each dream seen in this city is captured and stored. I need all of them.

I tend to get hungry before I sleep.

Character Count: 279

Written for Twittering Tales #88 – 12 June 2018 – Dreamcatcher

Twittering Tales: Twilight

She stood with her back against the red clouds, pure elegance.

He stared in amazement, ready to proclaim his feelings to her at the romantic waterfront. It was perfect. A little too perfect.

The meteors hidden in the clouds would end their moment, turning their kind extinct.


Character Count : 273

Written for Twittering Tales #87

Prompts used:

FoWC with Fandango – Hidden

Tales from the mind of Kristian – Elegant

Twittering Tales: Window

After twelve murders and many petty crimes, this job was a cinch. Even the window was open.

He entered the house, silent as a shadow. No one saw him enter. He spotted gold and precious stones. A huge score, but something felt terribly wrong.

The window closed shut.

Welcome to Hell.


Character Count: 280

Written for Twittering Tales #86 

Photo by Alistair MacRobert via

Twittering Tales: Fall

“The poor man is mangled beyond recognition.”

“He was neither poor, nor needed recognition. He was mad is what he was.”

“You knew him?”

“Everyone did. That’s Mr. Icarus – mad inventor. He was testing his nuclear jetpack yesterday.”

“Must have flown too high to have fallen so deep.”


Character Count: 280

Written For Twittering Tales #83

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Twittering Tales: Choice

She saw seven doors.

He stood behind her, explaining the choice to her.

“A door leads to the fountain of youth,  you could stay young and beautiful forever. Another door leads to your one true love, who you can spend the rest of your life with. Yet another door leads to a pit of precious gems, rubies, emeralds, amethysts among them. A door leads to a cellar of the choicest alcohols, liquids fit for emperors. One door leads to a buffet of the world’s best delicacies. Another door leads to an emporium, where all types of clothes exist for you, each of them perfectly fitting.

Now, here is the catch. One of the doors here leads straight to hell. The choice is yours. Pick any one.”

She closed her eyes, trying to understand the vibes coming from each door. She could not gauge anything. She had to take her chances. The odds were in her favor. Six out of seven doors were boons. She asked her inner self for an answer. She received no reply. There was no choice. She had to make a random choice.

She pointed to the fifth door. He walked up to it and smiled as he opened it. Behind the door was a dark staircase leading underground. The sign on its side read: To Hell.

She walked down the stairs, cursing her luck. He silently laughed, admiring her stupidity. She never had any sliver of a chance. Every door led to hell. He had said ‘a door or another door’ would lead to all the boons, never ‘one of these doors’.

The Devil was many things, but a liar was not one of them.


Word Count: 279 words


Written in response to Twittering Tales #82

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