Flash Fiction: The Umbrella

Jilly and Jane hunched over, looking at something hiding in the bushes. Jane fished it out.

“Look Jilly! What a cool umbrella.”

The young girls looked at the umbrella with wide eyes, full of excitement.

“This looks so pretty. I love the blue colour. Let’s keep it.”

“Even I like it. See, the pattern is also so lovely. But, should we not take it? It does not belong to us.”

Jilly grabbed it from Jane’s hand.

“Finders-keepers, Jane. If you don’t want it, I’m going to keep it.”

Jilly stuck her tongue out at Jane. Jane could say nothing in response. Her mouth was wide open. Jilly was glowing along with the umbrella.


Not too far from the girls, a little blue man groggily got to his feet. He brushed the dust off himself and frantically started searching.

“Where is the doom bolt beacon gone? I hope no one activates it.”

Word Count: 151

Prompt: FFfAW #172FFfAW #172