Flash Fiction: Uninvited Guest 3

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Now the tale continues..

No voice told me what to do. My curiosity had turned into a feeling of repulsion.

I aimed my glock, randomly. I did not know what my bullets could do against this aural entity I was dealing with. However, I was not going to go down without a fight. I heard the voice sigh.

“You do realise, that your puny weapon is going to do you no good, right? Be a good boy a drink up the milk. You walked in here uninvited. This is the least you could do.”

I waved the gun around, vacillating between pseudo targets to shoot at.

“No, I will not. I came here uninvited. So, I am not going to ask for your permission to leave.”

This time, as the voice replied, I could sense a tone of amusement in it.

“Looks like we will do this the hard way, after all.”

The room I was inside vanished in an instant. Now, I found myself inside a dungeon of sorts, staring at the skull of a beast…

(Find the sequel here: Part 6 – Flash Fiction: No Other Choice)

Word Count: 173



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Word of the Day Challenge: Vacillate