Flash Fiction: Bunker

It has been four days now.

For four days we have been trapped in this bunker as those dastardly planes bomb our city relentlessly. The torrential explosions in the day are followed by distant detonations in the night. It then that we venture out of the bunker. A group of four or five at a time. We make a run for the storeroom and grab food for those in the bunkers. The devils in the sky think they can make us quit with their rain of hellfire. That won’t happen. We will never give up.

Long live our Fatherland!

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch September 5 Flash Fiction Challenge

Microfiction: Giant War

The war had been catastrophic.

It had taken everything we had to win the war against the Giants. Taking those behemoths had ushered in a time of great prosperity. Now, a decade has past and all the meat has been scraped off the Giants’ bones.

The great famine begins now…

Word Count: 50


50 Word Story #12

A to Z Challenge: Banshee

Welcome to the second story, mortals. Today, the story I, Dr. Skull tell you is about quite a lovely lass. I met her many years ago, and she hasn’t aged a day since our brief meeting. Not that I want to meet her again anytime soon…

Who is she?

I keep seeing her everywhere on the battlefield. What a ruinous place this is. Dead bodies litter the ground. I can’t even make out friends from foes over here. It is such a bloody mess. I need to get home now. My family is waiting for me. I can’t let the darkness take me. There she is again, the white lady.

Why is she here?

No. Can’t think about that now. Need to keep up the pressure on my wound. God, this blood won’t stop pouring out of me. Help me? Someone? Anyone? Even if it is you, lady in white. Help me.

What is she saying?

Doesn’t matter. I need to focus on keeping my eyes open. Even if I can’t walk anymore. As long as my eyes stay open, there is a chance someone will save me. She is coming closer. Yes, she will help me. Wait, her face…

No..no..I see it now, she is wailing, lamenting for me, as my eyes close…

(Word Count: 168)

So, dear mortal, would you like to meet this bonnie lass anytime soon?

Flash Fiction: My Scar

It is rightly said that behind every scar there is a story of survival.

My story took place many years ago, during the invasion of the dark king.

Led by our Prince, we were fighting for our survival in a battle that defined ages.

Our Prince’s eminence in warfare was unquestionable on the battlefield, as he skewered numerous dark minions in front of my eyes.

In the heat of battle I saw one minion slip behind the Prince, ready to end his life, when I jumped in between.

My sacrifice won my kingdom’s freedom and won me this scar…

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge March 28 2019

Six Sentence Story “Place”

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #80

Flash Fiction: Tragedy

Paul checked his location. He had almost reached the target.

Even as a kid, Paul knew his calling lay in the skies. He had aced pilot training just before the world plunged into chaos. Paul never wanted to shoot anyone out of the skies. However, when the fight came to his country’s border he was shoehorned into the air force.

Paul checked his radar, took a deep breath and pushed the button-of-doom. His actions would be called heroic by his countrymen. However, Paul knew what it really was.

A tragedy.

Word Count: 96

Written for Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, week 5

Do let me know your views on the story

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