Flash Fiction: The Wardrobe

Five hundred rupees was all I needed.

There was this cute girl I had asked out for a movie, and I knew my dad was not going to give me an advance on my pocket money. I needed to steal it. I snuck into my dad’s room while he was out on his morning walk. I opened his wardrobe and stuck my hands inside, looking for the cash that I knew he kept around somewhere behind all his huge coats. My fingers made contact with a handle, which I promptly pulled. The wardrobe swung open revealing a hidden compartment in the wall. I almost screamed when I saw a skeleton neatly sitting in the compartment. However, I could not contain my scream any louder when I noticed the necklace around the skeleton’s neck.

Mom used to wear such a necklace….

Word Count: 140


A secret place at your home.. you didn’t know about

#TellTaleThursday with Anshu & Priya