Flash Fiction: Museum Visit

It was a slow sunday, just the way I like it.

It started off with a bright, boozy brunch. The food was as good as if not better than the merry conversations at the table. My head still floating with a mild buzz, I decided to visit the museum. It always transported me to the past. I walked through all the exhibits, taking my time to read all the descriptions. The solid, factual language used, was a nice change from the flowery words I was used to at work. After spending a couple of hours at all the exhibits, I made my way to the technology wing. This was my favourite section. As I observed the handheld devices, I remembered the smartphone era from my childhood. We still had to touch the screen. Today, my brain-link glasses do it all for me.

I only have to think…

Word Count: 147


Weekend Writing Prompt #122 – Museum

Sunday Photo Fiction – Sep 8 2019
Photo courtesy of LL Jones

Microfiction: Foolish

I had been a fool.

I had kept faith in the justice system and believed that my innocence was enough to keep me out of jail. I was wrong. It was never about who was innocent and who was guilty. It was only about who had more power. I was framed for the murder of my wife. I had watched those animals shoot my wife. However, in court, all evidences had turned against me. In fact, the judge had already decided. Jail time gave me this wisdom.

They will all be punished by my hands…

Word Count: 95


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 20/19

Weekend Writing Prompt #115 – Judge

Microfiction: Pain of the Past

He gave a grimace of pain as he watched the wreckage.

The memories almost brought about an emotional burst, but he managed to stabilize himself.

His failed suicide attempt was in the past…

Word Count: 33


Sunday Photo Fiction: July 14 2019

Weekend Writing Prompt #114 – Grimace

#BlogBattle: Stable

Microfiction: The Beast

Its appearance disturbed the quiet of the forest.

The legendary beast was as beautiful as it was ferocious. It made quick work of most of the party. I was enthralled by its presence as it chewed up my last remaining partner. I did not want to harm it.

It didn’t resonate with those thoughts…

Word Count: 54


Weekend Writing Prompt #113 – Enthral

#SoCS – July 6 2019

Microfiction: Denial

This is just not possible.

My plan’s airtight. Create a distraction at the party, sneak into the Director’s bedroom, wait for him to arrive and assassinate him. Perfect plan. It cannot fail. The distraction worked perfectly. Managed to sneak into the room without alerting anyone. I’m sure he’ll come in this red room. He cannot go about upsetting my planning like this.

I cannot accept that my colour-blindness can prevent me from becoming a top notch assassin.

Word Count: 77


Weekend Writing Prompt #105 – Denial

#BlogBattle: Airtight

Flash Fiction: A Ribbie Date

To be honest, I don’t really like any sport.

Yet, I accompanied my friends to the baseball weekend-game yesterday night. I did not understand much about what was going on, but I did find something to cheer about – the visiting team’s captain. He was cute and I liked how he moved on field. After bumping into Ray at the pub after the game, and few shots later, I had myself a date with him. Today, I hoped to impress him with the best ribs my town had to offer.

Sadly, it warranted a visit to the pharmacy, and I never heard from Ray again…

Word Count: 104


Sunday Photo Fiction – April 21, 2019

Weekend Writing Prompt #102 – Impress

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS April 20/19

Microfiction: Professor

You will solve our doubts today, won’t you, Professor?

The students had not given up on their questioning. I bit my lip nervously as I considered my course of action. I could not keep avoiding their questions. They might grow suspicious. I absolutely can’t lose this job, it pays quite well.

But what will happen once I’m discovered as a charlatan?

Word Count: 61


Weekend Writing Prompt #101 – Charlatan

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS April 13/19