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Flash Fiction: Eye Candy

I thought I could work this, but this is turning out to be a nightmare.

“Not like that doll, why don’t you deliver the dialogue just as we rehearsed?”

She smiles and nods, just like she did after the previous twenty failed takes. Come to think of it, it is that smile that made me select her over all the other potential leads  for my project. She’s absolutely stunning, a real eye candy. However, I hope I did not make a mistake in thinking that she’ll pick up on the acting bit. She got the pose part down to the t. The dialogue bit..oh well.

“Doll, let’s go through the order of the steps in the scene, again. So that you can get the flow right. First you pose, that’s perfect. Now, we just need to blend that pose with the dialogue.”

She looks at me clueless. I sigh. All she has to do is read it from the teleprompter. The scenery is perfect, she is looking perfect.

I guess I could hire someone to dub the dialogues. Sigh…..


Sunday Photo Fiction – November 4, 2018

Weekly Writing Challenge #166

Flash Fiction: Writing in the Sand

Detective Burns knew that he could not afford to waste any time because innocent lives were at stake.

In truth, when the call was received, Burns had ignored it as a prank, since no sane person would call and indifferently declare three murders.

However, upon inquiry, Burns realized that three people had indeed been reported missing.

Heart thumping in his chest, Burns reached the beach, at the location specified by the caller.

As soon as he saw the two Ks etched in the sand, Burns teared up.

The buried, hacked bodies confirmed the return of the Krooked Killer.


Weekly Writing Prompt #157

50 Word Thursday #17

Six Sentence Story “Difference”

Flash Fiction: End

This is the Eleventh and Final part of the story!

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Medusa cackled.

The naive boy had come under pressure and taken his shot too early. She only had to move her body slightly, and the bullet passed harmlessly from her side. Now he was her prey. Nothing could stop her. The idiot boy would die first, and soon the sniper would join his colleague. Then she would have her time with Perseus. She would savor the sound of his last breaths wane, and then she would add him to her statue collection. She had pursued her vengeance for so long now, and finally it was within her grasp.

Billy had watched in dismay as his shot missed. The recoil of the heavy weapon had knocked him back. He could feel his shoulders bleeding. He knew he could not take another shot, even if his body was in a condition to. His arms slumped down, still clutching the gun, waiting for the inevitable to happen. He saw Medusa cackling, ready to deliver the death blow on him. And then, she stopped moving, a pair of arms holding her back.

Medusa could feel her nemesis’ arms wrapped around her. Her movement was completely restricted. The creator of statues, was now unable to move herself. She heard  the voice of Perseus coming from behind her.

“Shoot, now!”

Billy did as he was instructed. He got back to his feet and summoned the last dregs of his strength. He aimed at the immobilized Medusa’s heart, and fired. This time the recoil broke his arm, and knocked him further back. The bullet went clean through Medusa’s heart. A perfect shot.

Perseus had held on to Medusa until the very last second. He had not let go until the bullet had passed clean to her heart. He had known what would happen after that. However, he was prepared for it. He slumped to the ground next to Medusa, the bullet having gone through his chest as well. Perseus felt himself drift into darkness.

Cadet Billy and Agent Keynes watched from afar as Medusa’s body began crumbling into dust. Perseus lay motionless. The two agents rushed to check up on him. There were no signs of life. He was gone. Billy looked at Keynes. Keynes heaved a sigh.

“Mission successful, Cadet.”

Billy nodded, clutching his broken arm. Speaking of broken arm, he believed he would hang on to the heavy weapon. He started walking towards where he had dropped it.

“You better not be thinking of stealing my gun.”

Billy and Keynes turned around to face the source of the faint voice. They saw Perseus back on his feet. Billy stood with his mouth open.

“Hold on. You died.”

“Yeah, well, it didn’t stick.”

Keynes smiled to himself as Perseus walked up to his gun, and picked it up. He turned to Billy.

“Besides, someone needs to train this kid…”

Word Count: 475


Weekly Writing Prompt #156

AUTHORS! Flash Fiction Challenge 27 August 2018


This was real fun for me, creating a series out of various weekly prompts. I do hope you had fun reading it as well. Would love to hear your thoughts on the series.

PS –

The scene in which Medusa and Perseus get shot, was inspired from Dragon Ball Z :


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