Microfiction: Ritual

The head priest smiled as the followers began the ritual.

They held hands and danced in a circle. As they continued, they saw a ball of light forming in the centre of their circle. One of the followers joyously looked at the priest.

“Is it really happening? Is the Goddess really going to appear because of our love and devotion?”

The priest laughed.

“No, son. She will appear only because of your souls.”

Within seconds, the group of followers collapsed to the ground, as lifeless corpses.

The Goddess now appeared to begin her soulful feast….

Word Count: 95



Microfiction: Lightning In The Sky

There, do you see that lightning in the sky?

What your mortal eyes perceive as mere bolts of crackling electricity, are in fact, much more than that. They are the clashing weapons of Gods, locked in a fierce battles for the heavens. The outcome will decide the fate of earth and the evolution of our species.

And yet, all you can see is merely lightning…

Word Count: 65


What Do You See? April 2nd, 2019

Microfiction: Walls

Now he could see it clearly.

Before now, the walls had clouded everything. They never let him see beyond them. They towered over him, made him cower in fear, taunting him every day.

One day, he did respond to their taunts. He knocked the walls down and climbed over them. Now he saw everything.

The vast world that lay beyond…;

Flash Fiction: My Return

I have returned.

I can’t say it’s good to be back, because this place never really felt like home. Even though the land was cold and perpetually covered in snow, the people were no different. I never knew that families are supposed to share warmth until I ran from my house and travelled the world.Of course, my family had no faith in me. They never believed I could achieve my dreams and my ambitions. Proved them wrong. Well, now I am back from my journey, a successful fire elemental mage.

I only hope my family can handle the heat now…


What Do You See? Challenge, 26th Feb, 2019

Microfiction: Sinking

The sinking sailors smile at the sirens, smitten by their bewitching visages, unaware of the hungry plans the sirens have for fresh flesh.

The mermaids smile back at the sailors, unaware of the radioactive nature of the submarine’s doomed contents…

Word Count: 40


What Do You See? Weekly Challenge February 19, 2019