Wanda’s Potion

Wanda was having a tough time with her potion.

The cauldron steamed and bubbled as the little witch tried her best to follow the recipe given in her book. Suddenly, Wanda heard a howl coming from the woods. Ignoring it, she continued stirring. Within moments, she heard knocking on her door.

She opened the door to reveal a huge wolf staring hungrily. Shivering, she asked him.

“Yes, Mister Wolf?”

He smacked his lips.

“Make sure you add extra pepper.”

Wanda was confused. She ran back into the kitchen and checked the book.

Wanda had been using a cook-book by mistake…

Word Count: 100

This was a children’s story written for Susanna Leonard Hill’s

The 8th Annual Halloweensie Contest

It was a bit difficult for me to tone down the darkness and make it kid friendly.

I hope it turned out well. Do let me know your thoughts on it.

Happy reading! 🙂