Flash Fiction: Relax

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Now, on to the story…

I entered my hotel room, locked the door behind me and collapsed into the chair.

I looked around the room. It was in total shambles, just as I had left it. I had tossed around my clothes haphazardly. Not that I could have done it anything about it. My company had kept me busy the entire week. All my muscles felt stressed. I was in dire need of some relaxation, and I knew the right fix. I walked up to the liquor cabinet and removed my favorite bottle of rum – Amber Jewel. I poured myself a glass, and dropped in a treble of ice cubes into it. I took a long sip of the drink, savoring the sweet yet spicy taste of it. I turned down the brightness of the lights and settled back on the chair. I periodically took sips from the glass, letting the warmth of the rum find its way inside me, relaxing my muscles.

Just as I was making my second drink, my phone beeped. I dared not ignore my boss, even though he was a complete marplot. I read the text message:

Asteroid Plaza. Billy Bazz..

The Black Assassin, had a new target…

Word Count: 200


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Flash Fiction: The Hard Way

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Now the tale continues..

The levitating carton of milk approached me.

I grabbed it out of the air, and held it in my hand, staring at it. The cold voice devilishly sneered.

“Finally chose to accept the offer, eh? Now drink it up.”

My body was acting on its own now. Rather, it was acting on the voice’s will. I could only watch as my own hand brought the carton to my lips, and drizzled the contents down my throat. The liquid burned all the way into my stomach. As I took a step back in anguish, I tripped over a skeleton, and fell down with a crash. More cartons appeared above me and poured their contents all over me, drenching me in that burning liquid. I lay in the pool of liquid, pain searing my body, until I heard a sound. The sweet dopamine inducing diapason, took all the pain away. Then I fathomed the source of the sound – A figure made of pure, white light. I could feel a bed of dandelions covering the derelict floor as the white figure approached. I wondered if this was an angelic dispensation.

However, I realized that there was nothing remotely angelic about the figure. As it approached closer, the sound grew deafeningly loud. The dandelions sprouted razor sharp thorns. And the figure itself transformed into an ominous black entity.  I could hear the voice speaking to me again. This time it seemed much closer than it had in the past. It was inside my head, speaking over the routinely increasing sound.

“Now, we shall unlock the demonic powers inside you. Transform, and be reborn as my hell spawn. My servant.”

Those were the last words I heard before my body went completely numb, and darkness took me.

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Word Count: 298


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Flash Fiction: Highway to Hell

Mathew pushed down on the accelerator, breezing on the highway.

He turned up the music when the familiar AC/DC track began playing on the radio. Mathew sniggered.

How appropriate.

Mathew knew that there was a bleak chance at best to defeat the berserk demon. The scars on his breast began throbbing, because his borrowed vitality was fading. Mathew thought back on last week when the demon had appeared in front of him in a black billow of smoke. Mathew had looked into its bloodshot eyes, before it had swiftly struck him down. Its razor-sharp nails had made a huge gash on his chest. He remembered the spray of blood pouring out from it, causing him to collapse on the ground. As he lay in a pool of his blood, Mathew could only watch as the demon proceeded to briskly destroy his family and friends, shredding them to pieces and feasting on their flesh and bones. Mathew had felt himself falling into a bottomless pit of darkness. That is when he had heard a voice, offering him a deal. An eternity of servitude in exchange for vengeance. Mathew had accepted.

Now, he was bringing hell to the demon…

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Word Count: 200


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