Flash Fiction: Territory

As I move around, I see the little ones scurrying about. One look at me, and they start running helter skelter. And they should.

This is my territory. Every rock, every plant, is owned by me. If they choose to make their way here, they choose to give up their freedom and submit to my sovereignty. I am the king. Wait, I see a shadow looming over me. It is humongous, covering my entire territory. I guess it is time for me to exit these waters and head elsewhere.

After all, there is always a bigger fish out there.


Word Count: 99

This story was written in response to Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge “Fish Tale”


Flash Fiction: Friendship

It was a bright day, a good day. Sam and Mara were lying on the park greens. Sam suddenly sat up and pointed to a group of kids playing football.

“Mara, lets grab their ball and run away.”

“God! How old are you, Sam? Why trouble them?”

“Experiences like these will just make them better friends. Besides, it’ll be fun.”

Sam made his signature puppy face. Mara sighed.

“Go ahead.”

In a few seconds, the kids were hugging each other, screaming in fright. Their ball was levitating away.


Sam and Mara spent their days as best friends.

Even after death.



Written for Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge