Flash Fiction: Borderlands

The borderlands grew wilder and wilder every year.

The country had been built upon the foundations of war and savagery. The reigning king came into power only because he was the strongest warrior. Impressed by his prowess, many borderland tribes had supported his conquest. However, now he had begun thinking like a ruler, rather than a warrior. He focussed more on administration than on warfare. The same tribes that had supported him, now openly opposed him. Their violence threatened to split the country.

The king would pick up his sword, again…

Word Count: 91


Weekend Writing Prompt #88: Foundations

First Line Friday: Jan 4th, 2019

Twittering Tale: Barbies

Mrinal tossed aside yet another barbie.

Mother noticed the new addition to the pile of broken barbies. She snarled.
“Again? This makes four.”
Mrinal huffed.
“Bad girl. No dinner for you.”
Mrinal bawled.
“No fair. Tina called me ugly.”
“Child, you have to stop using voodoo for revenge.”

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #202

Flash Fiction: Workplace

A new day begins. Can’t wait to get to work!

I love working here. Our work areas are customizable.  Today feels like a day for a sky blue theme. Also, I’m thinking a nice ten inch pepperoni pizza for lunch today. Oh! And a nice pitcher of wheat beer to wash it down with. All this on company expense. Sounds like a great day already. The best part about my workplace and job, is my boss. He’s such a fun guy. Speaking of which, need to take his call now.

“Good morning, sir! Righto! On my way, Mr. Santa!”

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch September 6: Flash Fiction Challenge


Flash Fiction: Clash 2

This is the Ninth part of the story!

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Cadet Billy watched on in disbelief.

Medusa was clobbering Perseus, pummeling him into the ground. The entire forest had gone silent, save for the sound of her blows. Agent Keynes signaled to Billy. Billy understood what he was saying. This was their chance. They could sneak up on Medusa while she was distracted by her vengeance, or at least try to sneak up. It had not gone too well for Perseus.

Billy sneaked through the bushes, making his way to Perseus’ heavy weapon. He watched Keynes making his way to a vantage point, readying his sniper rifle. Billy picked up the pistol and waited in position. Billy could see that Perseus would not last much longer. He was being battered by Medusa. Medusa was going to end Perseus, turn him into one of her statues. This was their last chance, and Billy knew this was the moment.

He heard the gunshot as Agent Keynes squeezed the trigger.

(Find the sequel here- Flash Fiction: Clash 3)

Word Count: 157


Writing Prompt Wednesday


Twittering Tale: The Drain

He walked silently in the darkness.

Having memorized the location of the drain, he found it easily. Once the lights came back on, they would find him. He slipped the packet into the drain and quickly walked away. He was caught soon.

He would die, but the resistance would live on.

Character Count: 279


Twittering Tales #98

Getting Published!!

I am stoked that Zombie Pirate Publishing accepted my short story: The Mayong Malice for their anthology: Phuket Tattoo.



I look forward to your feedback on my story! 🙂


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Flash Fiction: Briefing

This is the fourth part of this story!

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Part 3- Twittering Tale: Raindrops

Agent Keynes and Cadet Billy waited at the abandoned shed.

They looked at the man approaching them. The ghostly figure clad entirely in black walked slowly, his tailcoat fluttering in the wind.

“Sir, is this really the legendary Special Agent Perseus?”

Agent Keynes nodded.

“Don’t go on his looks Billy.”

Perseus stopped in front of Keynes.

“Keynes. I believe you have the gear.”

Keynes motioned to Billy, who removed the silver pistol hidden below the wood. He could barely hold it. Perseus snatched it with relative ease, eyed it expressionlessly, and holstered it.

“Time to take down Medusa, again.”

(Find the sequel here – Flash Fiction: The Hunt Begins)

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 3rd August 2018

FOWC with Fandango “Expression”

Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt 30/07/2018


PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


Flash Fiction: Signal Fire

“What’s with the smoke?”

Demothi ignored Hakan’s question and continued dancing. He appeared to be in some kind of trance. Hakan shook his head. This was getting out of hand. He needed to stop Demothi’s madness.

“Brother, you need to stop. This is not only dangerous, but also wasteful. You are destroying our forest.”

Demothi continued dancing, but vaguely replied to the question.

“To bring in something new, something archaic needs to be destroyed.”

Hakan knew what sort of destruction Demothi was talking about. The apricot trees would be emblazoned and the fields of hay would be turned into pyres. Everything would be reduced to ash. He had no personal beef with Demothi, but Hakan knew there was only one way to stop this. He picked up a stone from the ground and struck Demothi’s head. Hakan slung the unconscious Demothi over his shoulders. He had to carry him to safety before dealing with the fire. After placing Demothi down, Hakan went running towards the village, to summon aid.

It took a few hours and great efforts, but the fire finally piped down. When Demothi was questioned, he eagerly asked the villagers,

Have the aliens landed yet?

Word Count: 198



Another Wednesday Writing Prompt 1/08/2018

Sundayswhirligig: apricots, hay, appear, beef, stone, carry, shoulders, piped, sensors, running, archaic, everything

Twittering Tale: Raindrops

Check the the prequels here:

Part 1: Twittering Tale: Statues

Part 2: Flash Fiction: Nice Neighborhood

He sat by the window, staring aimlessly at the raindrops hitting the glass.

An empty bottle of rum lay by his side. His fingers clutched his heavy gun, waiting to pull the trigger at the slightest alarm. He was knocked out of his stupor by the ringing phone.

“Perseus, Code Red.”

(Read the sequel here – Flash Fiction: Briefing)

Character Count: 279


Twittering Tale #95 – Raindrops on Glass – 31 July 2018

Flash Fiction: Nice Neighborhood

Find the first part here – Twittering Tale: Statues

It is a nice neighborhood.

The houses have a backdrop of a serene river. The perfectly paved, wide roads are adorned by lush green trees on their sides. The area is so peaceful that one can hear the sweet chirping of birds. The people are kind, law-abiding citizens. It is a spotlessly clean and well-lit neighborhood. In short, the neighborhood is perfect. Perfect for me.

Perfect for the human statues I will create soon.

Ah! I can already spot the first three….

(Find the sequel here – Twittering Tale: Raindrops )

Word Count: 82

Prompt: Friday Fictioneers 27 July, 2018