Rhyme: Aflame

The dragon looks at me with narrowed eyes,

It’s fiery breath towards me flies.

Just in time I shield myself, or I would have been aflame,

Treating a dragon with a cold, is no easy game…


In Other Words, aflame…

#BlogBattle: Shield


  1. Memoirs of a veterinarian! Or could that be part of a treatise on Dragon Lore? I can almost see that rhyme as a leading note into a tome on wyverns. A witty warning shot that the contents might lead to cremation.

    Good to have you back in the BB!

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      1. My pleasure! One thing about visiting BB entries is the sheer diversity of takes. You never quite know what you’ll find.

        Really good to have you back again too. It’s one of those oddities…a community that notices when someone isn’t there that should be. Real life I get that, but here it’s something I never quite expected. 😊

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