Flash Fiction: Coffee

He sat at the coffee shop, much like every morning, enjoying the little free time he got.

He checked his watch: 9.30, an hour of freedom and then back to the terrors of his servile corporate job.

The line moved forward, and it would soon be his turn to place his order with the cute barista: Cindy, with her comely smile and penchant to get his name right, he had grown quite attracted to her

He had been trying to muster up the courage to ask her out for a week now, but had never managed to until now, when it was finally his turn to place his order with Cynthia, she smiled at him and he felt a hush descend over the crowd, he was finally going to do it.

Just as he was about to utter the words, he heard a beep coming from his phone, a message had just arrived in his email mailbox, a message from his boss: Quickly get me a coffee and reach office in 5 mins.

He sighed, tomorrow, he thought to himself…

Word Count: 178


Six Sentence Story “Mailbox”

BrewNSpew Cafe Word of the Week “Servile”

JSW Prompt 20-08-18

Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt “Hush”


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Six-Word Story: Gremlin


“ Airplane Crashed. Gremlins? No,  Drunk Pilots… ”


Written for J.I. Rogers’ Six Word Story Challenge “Gremlin”

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Flash Fiction: Derelict

Her job was to keep the pesky birds away from the garden.

She was to be a vigilant lookout. However, the new LED TV ruined it all. She ignored her duties and diverted all her attention to soaps and football.

That derelict scarecrow was soon fired.

Word Count: 46


Sunday Photo Fiction August 19, 2018

Weekend Writing Prompt #68


Flash Fiction: Art

Harry was having a field day at the art house. There was an exhibition of rare renaissance art put up by a famous collector. Harry enjoyed renaissance art. He was an esthete and considered himself quite well read on the matter.

He had spent the entire morning at the exhibition marveling at the collection put together. He wanted to congratulate the collector, but he had not been able to get the opportunity. Mr. Bonucci had been quite busy with phone calls. But, getting a meeting with him was not much of a concern with Harry. Harry was well connected. A meeting with Mr. Bonucci was only a phone call away….


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Art was originally published on redpaper.in


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Image Credit – Karin Jurick ~ “Catching a Train”

Flash Fiction: Comet

“Whoa! What is that?”

Ethan had taken his little sister for camping. He looked at his little sister pointing up at the astronomical expanse. He could see what she was referring to.

“That is a comet.”

“A comet? What are those?”

Ethan adored his little sister. However, the way she asked so many questions about everything annoyed him to no end. He decided to have some fun.

“A comet is an alien flying so fast, that its ass starts burning, and it leaves a trail.”

“So cool!! We spotted an alien.”


*Many miles above*

“How did the earthling know?”

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch August 16 Flash Fiction Challenge

SocS August 18/18


Image Credit: “The Comet”  artwork by Edward Hagedorn

Flash Fiction: Get Out

“You really need to get out. This isn’t healthy.”

He sat in his chair the entire while, going for days without taking a bath. His attractive features had hidden behind  his long hair and unkempt beard, making him look like a neanderthal. I looked at the table. It was littered with cigarettes, junk food and cheap booze. The area around his chair was littered with medicines and tissues. Clearly, was not taking care of his health, or himself, or any thing at all. I could not bear to see him in this state any longer.

“It was just an exam….”

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 17 August 2018

Flash Fiction: Clash

This is the Eight part of the story!

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Medusa glided towards Perseus.

The two others were insignificant, mere supporting exhibits. She was most interested in Perseus. She had two reasons to add him to her collection. Being a survivor of the Demigod programme, he was a rare breed, like her. That was the first reason. Her vendetta was the second.

She remembered the last time they had clashed just as if it was yesterday. His squad had cornered her. Caged her in like she was some sort of animal. However, they had learnt that a caged wild animal can be vicious. She had taken down his entire squad in a matter of minutes. They were simply no match for her. What she had failed to realize, was that Perseus had never considered them as his team-mates. He was more than willing to sacrifice them, to meet his objective. He had used them to trap her, and finally had imprisoned her. She had not forgotten anything.

A volley of bullets brought her back to the present. These were regular bullets, not even good enough to scratch her. However, damaging her had not been their objective. While Medusa was distracted by the volley of bullets, Perseus had managed to sneak up behind her. Medusa had learnt her lesson the last time. She knew his tricks now. Before Perseus could shoot, Medusa spun around and landed a solid punch on his face. Perseus went flying through the air and crashed into the trees.

Medusa cackled.

Time’s up, Perseus.

Word Count: 247


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Tale Weaver #184