Senryu: Lying Waters

Blue Waters Trick Us,
Behind Those Lies A Thick Sludge,
Waiting To Trap Men…


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #39


Flash Fiction: No Tresspassing

This wasn’t a place I wanted to be in.

The writing on the wall was literal and figurative – No Tresspassing. Everyone in town knew that these folks meant it. No one dared venture into territory controlled by the Videlli Family. They were unsavory characters and had dealings in all things illegal. However, here I was, looking for my Dalmation, Onyx. He had wandered off into these streets, chasing some stray. After sneaking around for fifteen minutes, I found Onyx snuggling with that stray. Only, that stray was wearing a tag that read Videlli.

It figured. Onyx was into bad girls…

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers, 9th August 2019

Microfiction: Foolish

I had been a fool.

I had kept faith in the justice system and believed that my innocence was enough to keep me out of jail. I was wrong. It was never about who was innocent and who was guilty. It was only about who had more power. I was framed for the murder of my wife. I had watched those animals shoot my wife. However, in court, all evidences had turned against me. In fact, the judge had already decided. Jail time gave me this wisdom.

They will all be punished by my hands…

Word Count: 95


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 20/19

Weekend Writing Prompt #115 – Judge

Microfiction: The Hand

This is a first.

I’m used to seeing individual body parts. It is a part of my hobby. I’m a serial hacker. Not the computers kind, the chop-chop kind. Yep, I enjoy cutting up people after I’ve killed them. The killing part is just a necessary evil. But, living people don’t particularly enjoy getting cut up. Anyway, I’m used to seeing body parts. However, I’m not used to seeing a particular part return and try to kill me. Well, the owner of the hand did mention he was into voodoo or something. No worries.

Looks like this hand is about to lose a few fingers…

Word Count: 105


Foto Flash Fiction Challenge: Jul 19 2019

Photo source- https://morguefile.com/p/180645

Microfiction: A.C.E Up My Sleeve

It was not the first time Syren was being shot at.

However, it was the first time she was being shot at without her trusty blaster by her side. She had been stupid enough to have lost it in the barrage of fire that was being directed towards her. She only had one card left to play, her A.C.E. She switched her distress signal on and ducked under the table, which wasn’t going to hold out against blaster fire. It didn’t have to.

A.C.E’.s timely entry and vast arsenal made quick work of Syren’s assailants.

Word Count: 95


The Aether Prompt: July 10th, 2019