Flash Fiction: No Entry

I could finally see it – The Great Hall. My car halted in front of the No Entry sign.

The associate from The Great Hall held the door open, as I got out from the car. I walked up the stairs and stood in front of the black doors, where the manager was waiting for me.

“Welcome, sir. I hope your trip was comfortable.”

I nodded at the manager.

“Very good, sir. It is an honour to have you here for The Symphony. Very few individuals are privy to the privilege of even stepping a foot beyond the no entry mark.”

I gave him a stern look.

“I know.”

He was confused by the hostility I resonated. After all, how could he have known I knew about this accursed privilege only too well. How could he have known that I had seen my very own father beaten within an inch of death at these very steps, just because he was fetching his little son’s football. I remember it all too well.

After tonight’s performance, everyone’ll know.

Word Count: 175


FFfAW Challenge 179th

Word of the Day Challenge “Symphony”

RDP #83 “Remember”

FOWC with Fandango “Resonate”


Image Credit – Yarnspinnerr



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