Flash Fiction: Island

He could finally see it, the island, the destination to his long voyage, his very reason for becoming a pirate, the place where the X was located.

His dreams of gold and hope for immense treasures were only intensified upon seeing the brilliant light coming from the mouth of the cave, driving him to urge his crew to row harder.

He walked into the cave expecting mounds of gold coins and jewels, but instead was greeted by the aureate dragon and the intense warmth of her welcoming flames.

Word Count: 88


Three Line Tales, Week 134



      1. Awesome! Now all we need to figure out is what to name them . I like Sparky but I could go with Fire-kiss or maybe Beaufort because let’s be honest no one else would name their dragon that. So what would you call your dragon? We might get lucky and stumble on a nest of them so you should have a good dragon name ready. ☺

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