Friday Fictioneers: Fire

Finally, he had found it. It was exactly as he had seen in his visions – A pathway of steps leading to cabin in the woods. It was all for her. It had been a week since he had first seen her in his vision. Dressed in a black gown, she climbed the pathway, ever so gracefully. Midway, she looked behind her back, giving him a glimpse of her pale face and her fiery blue eyes that would pierce his soul. His intense desire for her had led him here.

Those blue eyes. They had set his heart on fire.


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  1. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers.
    What a troubling scene you’ve described… this has stalker written all over it… though I am sure he would call it something else.

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  2. I don’t think things are quite right here – first I hoped whoever has the blue eyes keeps well away from this gentleman. But then I thought, maybe she is the dangerous one. Intriguing take. Strangers meeting in a remote cabin. What could possibly go wrong?

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