Flash Fiction: Nice Neighborhood

Find the first part here – Twittering Tale: Statues

It is a nice neighborhood.

The houses have a backdrop of a serene river. The perfectly paved, wide roads are adorned by lush green trees on their sides. The area is so peaceful that one can hear the sweet chirping of birds. The people are kind, law-abiding citizens. It is a spotlessly clean and well-lit neighborhood. In short, the neighborhood is perfect. Perfect for me.

Perfect for the human statues I will create soon.

Ah! I can already spot the first three….

(Find the sequel here – Twittering Tale: RaindropsΒ )

Word Count: 82

Prompt: Friday Fictioneers 27 July, 2018



  1. Am I the only one who would cheer for Medusa? I really like the statues that dot the landscape of most big cities. She’s simply creating more art.

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      1. I like the story the way you did it and have always been fascinated by her. I was just thinking we live in a world now where people claim they are accepting of everyone so why not let her run a business. Got a friend you hate and a few hundred bucks? Well you’re in luck. ☺

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      2. Thank you! I like the way you think too. It was your story that brought up this whole thought so the world has you thank or blame for that. ☺

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