Flash Fiction: Griffin

I looked at the box in awe.

My master had managed to outdo himself. It was times like these, when my harsh apprenticeship seemed worthwhile. I could have become apprentice to any wizard. However, I chose my eccentric master. I was warned about the nature of the apprenticeship. I was told how menial the nature of my tasks would be. Yet, my instincts told me that I would get to witness magic like no other here. Today, my instincts were going to be proven right.

In the orange box, my master had managed to gather all the rare ingredients required to summon a Griffin. No other wizard had ever achieved this feat. It would be so incredible to observe a real Griffin, learn about it. I decided to ask my master about it. I was sure he had some great world-changing research in mind.

“Master, what are we gonna do once the Griffin is summoned?”

Master raised an eyebrow and nonchalantly replied.

“Eat it, of course. Always wanted to try Griffin meat…”

Word Count: 172


FFfAW Challenge – 186th


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