Flash Fiction: A Distant Hum

It was vacation time, and I was home.

In truth, I had come home almost after a year. After mom had passed away, I did not much feel like staying in the same place. So when I got offered a project in another city, I accepted it instantaneously. I did feel guilty leaving dad alone with my baby brother, but he understood that I needed to be away.

After I returned, dad was delighted to see me. I settled into my old room, which was right next to my baby brother’s room. The family was all together again, and it was all laughs and merriment. My brother had grown bigger in a year. He was a tall five year old. I tucked him in at night and go back to my room.  As I lay down on my bed, I heard a distant hum. I got up in a jiffy and rushed to my brother’s room. I stopped midway in my run, when I saw a spectre emerge from his room.

The pale figure of mom smiled at me before vanishing swiftly into thin air….

Word Count: 185


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #4

Sunday Writing Prompt ‘It’s All In The Title”


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