Flash Fiction: Stay Out

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Part 2- Flash Fiction: Boots

Now the story continues…

The kids stared at the woods.

Gary placed an arm on Roger’s shoulder.

“You know we are not supposed to go there right?”

Roger shrugged.

“Yeah, I know. But that’s my favourite football that Kye kicked into the woods. I am going to get it back, and Kye is coming with me.”

Roger looked at the whimpering Kye. The smaller boy was clearly more afraid of Roger than he was of the forest. Gary crossed his arms.

“No! I don’t want to go there and find out what the adults were so scared about.”

Roger snorted.

“Ha! I hope we find what scared them. Any way, move out of the way, Gary.”

Gary was no match for Roger’s strength. He gave in and stepped aside. Roger walked passed triumphantly, dragging Kye along. Gary sighed. He could not go home alone, anyway.

He followed his friends into the woods…

(Read the sequel here- Part 4- Flash Fiction: Into The Woods)

Word Count: 148


FFfAW Challenge – 200th


Flash Fiction: My Fort

It is almost time.

There was an age when everything happened according to the whims of the king. Now, the Government calls the shots. It declared that every year on this date, the gates of my fort would open up for the sake of cultural tourism. I had no say in the matter, even though it is my fort. My heart splinters a little every time I see commoners roaming inside my home. If the laws of old still held, I would have seen to it that every last one of them was flogged.

Well, time to welcome them in…

Word Count: 100


Kreative Kue 202

Flash Fiction: We Rise

There it looms in the distance, the sprawling human city.

The air tastes denser, smokier than the last time. These pathetic maggots have infested the land. Their vile presence has corrupted terra and their corruption is spreading to my waters, bringing death and pestilence along with it. Their reign needs to end. Last time, we reached a compromise when their king promised not to touch my waters. With time, that promise faded away.

Now, we rise to right their wrongs…

Word Count: 80


Sunday Photo Fiction January 13, 2018

Flash Fiction: Paper Chits

Jon looked at the jar full of paper chits, as he trembled in his tiny shoes.

His father walked towards the jar and reached his arm to pick it up. It felt like eternity for Jon. Finally, the jar was open, and the paper chits tumbled out. The colourful chits were all sources of fear for Jon. He heard his father murmuring,

“What will it be today?”

Father picked up the chit and opened it. Jon gulped as his father read out the chit.

“Ten whacks with a rod. This will be fun!”

Jon cursed the coloured punishing paper chits…

Word Count: 100


Friday Fictioneers 11 Jan, 2019

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Flash Fiction: Clouds

It was a regular, bright and sunny day.

The townsfolk of Commonville were going about their daily duties. Nothing out of the ordinary until the clouds appeared. Initially, the townsfolk did not give them a second glance. However, once the clouds turned grey and blocked out the sun, the good people of Commonville started getting concerned. Nothing uncommon ever took place in Commonville, and these dark clouds had just appeared during peak summer season.

Suddenly, the clouds began dispersing, letting a single large beam of sunlight appear. Before the townsfolk could breathe a sigh of relief, they realized this was not sunlight. It was a laser beam.

Commonville learnt that uncommon things can happen in any city, as life is not predictable. Rather, they would have learnt this had they survived the laser death ray…

Word Count: 135


FFfAW Challenge – 199th

Flash Fiction: Trash

This was it, the last hope for me.

I plod towards the trash can, the only thing could save me from starvation. I could not recall the last time I had eaten a proper meal, which for me was half a sandwich. I opened the lid in hungry anticipation, only to find it completely empty. The garbage truck had come and gone before time.

Dejected, I looked around. My eyes met with a kid’s eyes. He was staring at me. In his left hand, he clutched a rather large lollipop. He saw me looking at it, and held it out towards me. He smiled at me as I shuffled towards him. I reached out my arm to take the lollipop. He promptly pulled back his hand and stuck the lollipop in his mouth. I could only watch as he finished the lollipop making sure I knew how much he was enjoying the lollipop. After he was done, he stuck out a purple tongue at me and turned around.

The lollipop looked tasty, but as my tummy grumbled, the kid began looking tastier…

Word Count: 182


Sunday Photo Fiction: January 6th, 2018

Flash Fiction: Borderlands

The borderlands grew wilder and wilder every year.

The country had been built upon the foundations of war and savagery. The reigning king came into power only because he was the strongest warrior. Impressed by his prowess, many borderland tribes had supported his conquest. However, now he had begun thinking like a ruler, rather than a warrior. He focussed more on administration than on warfare. The same tribes that had supported him, now openly opposed him. Their violence threatened to split the country.

The king would pick up his sword, again…

Word Count: 91


Weekend Writing Prompt #88: Foundations

First Line Friday: Jan 4th, 2019

Flash Fiction: Vengeful Rocks

Ha! Look how they cower behind their fence.

Many years ago, those same people had confronted my family and thrown us outside the fence. Our only crime was that we did not look human enough. Our flinty faces had been enough of a motive. They never cared about whether we were good at heart or not. They indiscriminately tossed us out like trash.

Now, my rocky wave will crush them all. My moving mountain will flatten everything they own. There will be no discrimination at all.

Everyone will die by my vengeful rocks…

Word Count: 93


Friday Fictioneers 4th January 2019

Flash Fiction: Grave

It gets lonely here.

All alone, no company. The neighbours have left their graves, choosing to move on to the next world. They were ready for their judgement. I would guess heaven was the place they would end up. They seemed like nice people.

Now, with them gone, I have no one here, and no interest in moving on. I do get ocassional visitors: risque couples, grave robbers and horror enthusiasts. Today, it’s this goat.

Here boy, stay right here till night settles in.

Lamb chops would be a nice dinner…

Word Count: 91


Friday Fictioneers 28 December 2018