Flash Fiction: Belong

I was cast out into the shadows by society, because of I never agreed with its norms.

It refused to accept me into its ranks, and minced no words in letting me know why.

Sometimes I looked different, talked different, ate different, had no money, had a different sexual difference, thought different, just different.

But every time, the simple reason was that I did not fit in the society’s mold and I was kicked to the curb for that reason.

Left all alone, one day suddenly, society decided to walk up to me, offered its help in standing back up.

I spat on the hand of society, for if society is as such, I would rather not belong to it…

Word Count: 120


Six Sentence Story “Agreed”

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 63

FOWC with Fandango — Belong


  1. These sorts of problems with society are all too common, and I think these feelings are imparted so easily. Not part of the ‘cool kids’ for any reason (especially, as you pointed out, sex or gender reasons)? They’ll kick you down, and that sucks! Your story brings up a lot of emotions.

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  2. hey, liked the SIx for a couple of reasons: a) well-written, 2) cool photo and 3) speaks to those of us who are Outsiders*

    * the Wakefield Doctrine holds that there are three personality types, one of them is ‘Outsider

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  3. Wow. Not to overuse the adjective but, what an intense Six Sentence. I can relate to being “different” and not “part of the crowd”. I never was. I have always been an “outsider”
    Surely it depends on individual circumstance and situation and perhaps I would be the same way, but it makes me sad to think that when there is finally someone to offer a helping hand that the person refusing would have become so bitter as to not accept the gesture. Maybe that’s the idealist in me 🙂

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  4. My metaphor in life is me sitting on a players bench at a softball field. The team is facing the field, I’m facing the stands. I agreed to be different long ago. Good six. You’ve poked the bear!!! LOL.

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