Microfiction: Cave Men?

Today marks the one month anniversary of our arrival.

This cave has sheltered us and our guns allowed us to hunt.

However, our ammunition won’t last long.

Will we end up becoming Paleolithic food?

Maybe the time machine wasn’t the greatest idea.

Will we ever escape back to our time?

Word Count: 50


50 Word Thursday Challenge #29

Six Sentence Story ‘Escape’


      1. On one occasion, right bang in the middle of a battle. I looked around, who could these fellows be, swiping and hacking at each other with well-honed axes? Ah, thought me, ’tis the Great Army, and that personage with oh-so-blond hair, is our once and future king Guthrum. So who heads up the opposing team? Why if it isn’t King Alfred who has rallied the ragged remains of his defeated supported. If he wins here they’ll call him great. And now I’d a problem. To support the English, or the Danes. Living in East Anglia, that dilemma remains.
        Well, you did ask. 🙂


  1. Haha, they need to figure out how to make other tools. Never time travel without a solid grasp of the Bessemer process, basic civil engineering principles, penicillin production, or agriculture.


  2. dude!*
    *who doesn’t love a Time Travel Tale.
    the First Rule of Time Travel, get your irony vaccination
    the Second Rule of Time Travel forget that you travelled in time
    the Third Rule of Time Travel get your irony vaccination

    lol. fun


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