Microfiction: Her Gaze

I spotted her from the corner of my eye.

Hiding behind the bushes, I could feel her intense gaze upon me. I had no intention of letting her know that I was alert to her presence, and so I casually continued with my routine of bathing in the pool.

The lass, probably mesmerized, continued studying me. Her fiery red hair revealed that she was a local. Well, it wasn’t everyday that humans gazed upon an elven prince.

Then again, it was not everyday that a red haired woman tries to assassinate elven royalty with an arrow from behind the bushes…

Word Count: 100


The Aether Prompt: April 24th, 2019

Flash Fiction: My Scar

It is rightly said that behind every scar there is a story of survival.

My story took place many years ago, during the invasion of the dark king.

Led by our Prince, we were fighting for our survival in a battle that defined ages.

Our Prince’s eminence in warfare was unquestionable on the battlefield, as he skewered numerous dark minions in front of my eyes.

In the heat of battle I saw one minion slip behind the Prince, ready to end his life, when I jumped in between.

My sacrifice won my kingdom’s freedom and won me this scar…

Word Count: 99


Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge March 28 2019

Six Sentence Story “Place”

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #80