Twittering Tale: By Her Side

She has always been my friend.

I’ve always been there for her. I stuck by her through the good days and the bad ones. I stuck by her side when she lost her head over some guy. I was there even when he cut off her head.

Now, I am by her side as she delivers flowers to his grave….

Character Count: 280


Twittering Tales #140 – 11 June 2019

Flash Fiction: The Benches

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Now, on to the story…

Nobody knew who had made the structure, but everyone in town knew the structure.

The Benches had been a part of town since as long as anyone could remember. They had always been there. Who made it? No one could say. However, their legend had been passed on from generation to generation, becoming a part of the town’s traditions. It was said that if two people sat on The Benches, one on each part, the two would remain friends for life. Their bond would last forever.

When the war broke out and town was constantly bombed, The Benches stood intact, still together. They remained as they were, a standing testament to their legend. Fortifying the statement, that

True friendship, was forever…

Word Count: 121


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers # 192

Flash Fiction: Friendship

It was a bright day, a good day. Sam and Mara were lying on the park greens. Sam suddenly sat up and pointed to a group of kids playing football.

“Mara, lets grab their ball and run away.”

“God! How old are you, Sam? Why trouble them?”

“Experiences like these will just make them better friends. Besides, it’ll be fun.”

Sam made his signature puppy face. Mara sighed.

“Go ahead.”

In a few seconds, the kids were hugging each other, screaming in fright. Their ball was levitating away.


Sam and Mara spent their days as best friends.

Even after death.



Written for Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge