Flash Fiction: Writer’s Block

A writer’s block is a writer’s worst nemesis, and I intended to defeat mine.

It has been a month since I have written anything. Any and all inspiration alluded me. I simply could not get my mind to weave words together. It had all been going well, until I decided to step out of my box. The greed of the lucrative contract offered to me, made me take that step. There I was wrting about success stories, and now I needed to write short stories themed around murders. I simply could not imagine how a murder took place, let alone the mind of a murderer; until I met that hobo.He was a nobody. It was easy kidnapping him, and now he sits in my wardrobe, bound and gagged.

I finally get to beat my nemesis, with a rather practical approach…

Word Count: 140

Prompt by Sascha Darlington as a part of FTS Project 2.0

Flash Fiction: Stay Out

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Now the story continues…

The kids stared at the woods.

Gary placed an arm on Roger’s shoulder.

“You know we are not supposed to go there right?”

Roger shrugged.

“Yeah, I know. But that’s my favourite football that Kye kicked into the woods. I am going to get it back, and Kye is coming with me.”

Roger looked at the whimpering Kye. The smaller boy was clearly more afraid of Roger than he was of the forest. Gary crossed his arms.

“No! I don’t want to go there and find out what the adults were so scared about.”

Roger snorted.

“Ha! I hope we find what scared them. Any way, move out of the way, Gary.”

Gary was no match for Roger’s strength. He gave in and stepped aside. Roger walked passed triumphantly, dragging Kye along. Gary sighed. He could not go home alone, anyway.

He followed his friends into the woods…

(Read the sequel here- Part 4- Flash Fiction: Into The Woods)

Word Count: 148


FFfAW Challenge – 200th

Flash Fiction: Clouds

It was a regular, bright and sunny day.

The townsfolk of Commonville were going about their daily duties. Nothing out of the ordinary until the clouds appeared. Initially, the townsfolk did not give them a second glance. However, once the clouds turned grey and blocked out the sun, the good people of Commonville started getting concerned. Nothing uncommon ever took place in Commonville, and these dark clouds had just appeared during peak summer season.

Suddenly, the clouds began dispersing, letting a single large beam of sunlight appear. Before the townsfolk could breathe a sigh of relief, they realized this was not sunlight. It was a laser beam.

Commonville learnt that uncommon things can happen in any city, as life is not predictable. Rather, they would have learnt this had they survived the laser death ray…

Word Count: 135


FFfAW Challenge – 199th

Flash Fiction: Dare

I dare you, chicken.

Paula knew me well. She knew what would incite me. She was my older sister after all. And in my opinion, she was someone even the devil would not want to associate with.

Back then, I was just a scrawny thirteen year old kid, who was just entering his rebel phase. I wanted to prove to the world that I was a real badass. Completing my older sister’s dare seemed like an opportunity to snatch that proof.

Snow had covered up the obstacle course. It was much much tougher than I had expected it to be. I never knew that this little dare would set me out on the path to greatness.

This is the incident I think back to most during these days, while I scale all those icy peaks.

Word Count: 135


FFfAW Challenge – 198th

Flash Fiction: Paddle

You sure there are no alligators here, right?

This question had begun to irritate me now. It was the fifth time in half an hour that I was being asked the same question. I assured my date once again, before she promptly went back to clicking selfies and her social media.

She was as much part of the date as the surrounding water was. She had zero interest in paddling or making conversation. I guess she asked me out only to get someone to paddle, while she clicked pictures. She had even kept aside her life-jacket so that she could continue flaunting her best features on social media.

Hey, my followers on insta are asking me about alligators..you are completely sure, right?

That was the last straw. This girl had driven me nuts. I pulled back the paddle and whacked her on her head with it. Down she went into the lake, phone and all.

The lake had no alligators, but I made no promises about crocodiles…

Word Count: 168


FFfAW Challenge #193

Flash Fiction: The Benches

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Now, on to the story…

Nobody knew who had made the structure, but everyone in town knew the structure.

The Benches had been a part of town since as long as anyone could remember. They had always been there. Who made it? No one could say. However, their legend had been passed on from generation to generation, becoming a part of the town’s traditions. It was said that if two people sat on The Benches, one on each part, the two would remain friends for life. Their bond would last forever.

When the war broke out and town was constantly bombed, The Benches stood intact, still together. They remained as they were, a standing testament to their legend. Fortifying the statement, that

True friendship, was forever…

Word Count: 121


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers # 192

Flash Fiction: Dream House

I watch the workers doing their job.

My dream house is finally going to turn into a reality. It will be just as I have envisioned it, just as I have designed it. All my years of working hard will finally bear fruit.

I see my little daughter looking at the property, still clueless about what exactly is going on here, yet smiling in glee. That smile will only widen when she sees what her father has in store for her.

My family will no longer live in rented places. We will know what it means to live in a place we can truly call our home.

Word Count: 107


FFfAW Challenge – 191st

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 10/18


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