Flash Fiction: Future Art

This was boring.

I should have expected this when I signed up for the ‘Art of the Future’ fair. However, my then alcohol fuelled brain had failed to consider how boring the endeavour could be. The art structure in front of me was titled ‘Fuel of the Future’. The artist was proudly presenting it as his vision of a post ten year future: Flying cars which recharged with giant plugs. I shrugged as I clicked my chronometer and travelled twenty years into the future, where I hailed from.

I tsked as I saw the streets still crowded by cars…

Word Count: 99


Friday Fictioneers 12th July 2019

Microfiction: View

He had climbed the mountain.

It was a view he did not want to miss. He put on his sunglasses and got ready to witness the spectacle. It was most beautiful. The heavenly body emitted an orange glow, which painted his surroundings in its colour as it got closer. He was glad he made the effort to climb up high, since he could not have witnessed this from home. The celestial activity had taken down all communication satellites and devices.

The naked eye was the only way to see it, the end of the world…

Word Count: 95


The Aether Prompt: March 27th, 2019

Flash Fiction: Travel

I checked the time. 5 pm. I was cutting it too close.

I chose to walk down the escalator, rather than wait for it to take me down. I needed to make it from Mumbai to New York in time. I had an important meeting to catch and uncharacteristically, I had ended up oversleeping. I rushed across the terminal, scanning around for any sign directing me towards gate 55. I found it. I checked the watch again. It was five past five now. I picked up my pace. This meeting was crucial to my career. I could not afford being late at all. I was almost out of breath as I reached the gate. The gate clock read 5:20. The meeting began at 5:30 pm. I breathed a sigh of relief. I had more than enough time.

The teleportation dimension was a true lifesaver.


Word Count: 144



#ALP: Transportation